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At Tell!, we are building a digital platform that enable African creatives to seamlessly showcase, monetize and distribute their creative works and skills

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At Tell!, we are building digital, no-code tools that enable African creatives to seamlessly showcase, monetize and distribute their creative works and skills

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He was reminded that there’s a shortage in the supply of digging tools;So, he stayed (KÒSÓKÓ)He was asked to stay and enjoy Life;So, he beseeched...

They say that it starts to hurt less when you find a way to laugh about it; that when it becomes a joke to you,...
Jessica Felicio (4)-c5ad21ad

The first time I came home late from my job, Bayo beat me with a belt and made me soak in scalding water, “This would...

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“Arike, ayè mi tèmibámi!” Those were Papa’s last words to me, knowing fully well I couldn’t understand the language he spoke. Growing up as a...

He shot her thrice at close range.Right in their living room.Then picked up his mobile phone and dialed 911.The voice at the other side sounded...

And a poetry I compose for you. Elegant and soothing to my perturbed nerves. And your gracious imagery I hold dearly In my brain stuffed...

If the eye can see the heart that bleed,Our talk be less and Cry be more,That what we see so gruesome ends,And we may sleep...

It’s quite painful and I don’t even know who to inform. My parents made me regret ever telling them I was gifted a new phone....

On a very sunny Wednesday morning after you received yet another rejection mail, you sit at your makeshift home office staring at your outdated MacBook...

I’m not strong enough to frown anymore, I’m not interested in even finding that strength, not when my face looks like an wrinkled sculpture, but…...

I grew up in love with my mother, her sweetness is simply beyond this world but my father, who’s quite frankly, nothing to write home...