I move

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I miss the calls and the warm compliments that make me smile and sometimes grin out loud.

I miss the warm hugs, the forehead kisses and the sweetest names you call me.

I miss the joy rides and the family gatherings, the meals and the laughs shared.

I just realized how amazing it was to have someone at my corner cheering me on all the way, someone that comforts me when I am down, someone that reminds me that my dreams are valid. 


It’s so lonely here and I can’t deny that. I now fully understand why God had to make for everyone a companion.

I start my day now with random group messages and tweets none of which is concerned about how my night was. 

I end my day with no one to rant to about how my day went.

Every single day I have gradually come to realize that I had just one friend and that friend is gone. 

It’s so lonely out here. Life cannot be done alone. 

I have cried my eyes out, questioned my decision severally but no matter how heartbroken I may have felt there is an assurance that I did the right thing.

I experienced peace in chaos, Joy in sadness, freedom in despair.

God still has sons and my man of God is waiting just around that bend. One that would love me as Christ loves the church.




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