What I do When I Fail

What I do When I Fail


Sometimes things just doesn’t happen the way they should. Many times we ask ourselves the difficult question, why did I fail? Considering our human nature that tends to seek personal fulfillment and external validations any slight indication of failure may result into a serious emotional and psychological breakdown. We need to create our perfect response to failures with respect to its unforeseen nature.


The first thing I do when I fail is to sit back and ponder upon my fails. I know a lot of people wouldn’t support me on this. Many people are of the opinion that failure is a thing of the past and therefore the need to move past it. I am not entirely disagreeing with this notion but I’ve discovered over the years that reanalyzing ones failures isn’t entirely bad. This move enables me to ascertain where everything went wrong , this helps to mitigate future failures. In the words of Bill Gate “..it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure”.


After I reanalyze my failures and I highlight useful tips on avoiding similar failures, I take my time out to relax. I travel, read and mostly concentrate on positive things. I tend to interact more with people, I share my problems and failures with a few select friends and we come up with possible come back plans. interesting right! NEVER forget that two heads is definitely better that one.



Succeeding my phase of self pity, self reevaluation, support group networking and others, I get up as a queen that I am and try again, smarter, wiser and definitely prepared. Quitting isn’t an option. Although every once in a while it’s difficult to start over, just imagine having to write over a 50 pages document after an initial rejection but it’s  necessary to try again and again, it’s profitable I tell you.

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