Adventures of a gigolo.

Adventures of a gigolo.

Charmingly charismatic.
Scavenger and snarer.
Flatterer with practised finesse.
Destroyer of homes.
Lord of broken hearts.
Master of the delicate arts of seduction.
He lived on easy streets.
Paid no bills.
Unless it was to pamper himself.
Stoke an over bloated ego.
keep up with the Joneses.
Bait a Cougar… or sugar mummy as we Nigerians call women who date younger men.
Responsible to non.
Including those he sired.
Love being a concept alien to him.
He was caught up again.
At his philandering best.
This time.
His predatory instincts were zoned in and locked down on Alhaja….
A buttered in old money.
Abuja socialite.
Who was reputed to be, one of the richest single women at the corridors of power.
A fact no one disputed.
For she was both heiress and profligate daughter.
Of a wartime General and former head of state.
As well as a recently widowed.
Wife of late Alhaji…
Scion of an old generation financial institution.
Who passed on months earlier.
No thanks to a cardiac arrest.
Now she was single again and ready to mingle.
After weeks of “toasting”
They started dating.
To a Casanova.
Marriage to her was most definitely a great retirement plan.
But she had a weakness.
One which he thought he was exploiting.
As he drifted off to sleep.
Exhausted from days of romance and nights of pleasure.
He felt her full lips encircling his shrunken member again.
“Haaaaa!!! We just finished round 5 babe. I’m not trying to win a fcuk marathon”
“Give yourself some credit lover boy, you’ve already surpassed every man i ever was with”
“Woman you will kill me with your insatiable appetite for sex”
“Of course. How do you think my former husband died?”
Daniel Ibanga©

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