African Science


A benevolent fate bestowed on this multi linguist.
Whose proficiency in major Nigerian languages.
Proactive persuasiveness.
Street smarts and an industrious indefatigability.

A chance to rise from relative obscurity a year earlier.
From among a near endless cesspool of brand marketing ambassadors.
In an exclusive ATL marketing agency to supervisor.

An unexpected shakeup in administrative hierachy.
Opened up a floodgate of opportunities.
Which included a position for project coordinator in the FMCG segment.
A position that came with amplified perks, privilege and pay.

Extra responsibilities came in the form of more travel.
Our character applied for and clinched the position.
Ahead of an array of more experienced former upper liners.
Who bickered about a mere senior secondary school leaver… bossing graduates about.

At an office retreat.
In the cosy confines of the super posh Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Ikoyi.
While enjoying the soothing protuberance of a convenience cubicle.

That the stinging remarks of a colleague to another colleague.
Whose tongue had apparently been loosened by too much liquor.
One once held in professional reverence till that moment.
A mentor who was now an underline, that she heard painful words.

“That useless… babe na cheerful giver… e don dash, dash all these awa useless Oga free Congo shine”.
Sad but unfettered.
Tested but unbroken.
She’d settled into her new poster girl role like fish to water.

A role that pitched her against not a few individuals she once deferred to.
A role that meant she got involved in a row every now and then.
Especially with male colleagues who couldn’t stand being bossed around by a female boss.
In a role historically dominated by males.

To her credit.
She excelled effectively on every project she was detailed to.
Impacting on the agencies overall service delivery while garnering accolades and recommendations from satisfied clients.
Then she got into an argument with a colleague.

An argument that got said colleague sacked.
While being escorted off office premises her ex colleague swore to deal with her.
“I be better Ogbanje and ah Don report your matter for shi-rhine… all these your shakara na 3 days e end”
Everyone thought that was the end until.

While on her way to Ogun state from Lagos
Just after a town called Odogbolu.
Her driver suddenly lost control of the breaks of the hummer bus.
Which skidded and spined
Before careening into a deep ditch…¬†

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