Agony Aunt.

Agony Aunt.

Rich and respected.

Successfully secure.

Independent and very influential.

Gifted in looks and aesthetic endowments.

This acquaintance who’s substantial abundance.

Was procured at the expense of discarded familial attachments.

A decision taken.

To ease a hitch free climb up the cooperate ladder.

In a male dominated profession.

And at 41.

Loneliness crept into the world of one.

Who’s physical needs were assuaged.

By an irregular procession of brief flings and casual dalliances.

With men of substance within her circle.

Who were either married, divorced or widowed.

For single not too well off men.

Felt insecure and intimidated around her.

Especially when they found out.

Her monthly take home was in the 6 zero range.

Her 41st birthday came with a big bang.

And with it.

The realization that she needed a family of her own.

But men who approached her were most often gold diggers.

Looking for an all expenses paid lifestyle on easy street.

On the advice of a friend and close confidant.

One happily married with two sets of teenage twins.

This midlife spinster took a drastic lifestyle change.

Starting with a significant reduction.

In the application of heavy makeup.

Shelving of expensive jewelry.

For less expensive not too pronounced ones.


She became actively involved in a popular pentecostal church.

Where the shepherd of the flock.

Introduced her to the singles group.


Inundated by a deluge of young men.


Smitten by her practiced poise and personality.

Charm and charisma.

Jostled for her attention and affection.

Falling over themselves in shooting their shots.


One of them was more enamored by her personality.

And persisted in his advances.

On a level that bothered on infatuation.

Smooth and soft spoken.

Dashing and dark complexioned.

Uber posh with a slim and trim.

Well tapered body.

That rippled with athletic fitness and boundless energy.

This 27 year old banker.

Who’s calming personality exuded polished assurance.

Professed his love for her.

In innovative ways that melted her icy resistance.

His above average culinary skills.

Ensured that many an evening was spent sampling.

Palate titillating.

Local and continental candle lit dinners.

Trips to exotic weekend getaways.

Where he wowed her with his near exhaustible knowledge of Kama Sutra.

In no time at all.

She was hopelessly and helplessly connected to him.

But deep within her were certain doubts.

Bothering on the subject of age disparity.

Which he countered and deflected deftly.

With talks of age being just a number.

“I’m old enough to be your mother”.

“Thank goodness you’re not”.

“What will people say?”

“Last time i checked. Its non of their business. I love you with all my heart and always will”

Smitten by the very thought that.

She who had given up on love.

Had found her very own knight in shining armour.

One advanced beyond his years.

A gifted lover and great listener who endured her mood swings.

Helping her find and become a better version of self.

Months later she became pregnant.

Soon as she broke the news to him.

He swept her up and into his arms.

His joy knew no bounds as he set plans into motion.

That was to start with an immediate introduction to his family.

But she subtly declined his invitation.

Fearful of her future mother in-law’s possible rejection.

But his persuasive insistence.

Over a 5 month stretch finally assuaged her fears.

So a date was set and a week after.

They went to see his parents.

Who lived in a semi detached duplex in magodo.

A nouveau riche neighborhood in the shangisha axis of Lagos mainland.

They alighted and made their way towards the main building.

But before they could gain entry into the main building.

A high pitched scream pierced the air.

Stopping them in their tracks.

“My son has killed me ooooo”

Then like one possessed.

Her lovers mom dashed out the building

Pointing at the protrusion on her guest’s stomach.

“Haaa!!! My enemies have killed me. Don’t tell me my son is responsible for that abomination in your stomach.”


and nauseous.

Looking from her lover to his mother.

Who was her long abandoned eldest blood sister.

Turned and gripped her lover’s hand.

Registering the resemblance of one.

Who was actually a sororal neice.

Then slumped and collapsed.

Daniel Ibanga©

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