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There was no love lost between mother and daughter.
It had been that way since dad eloped with the maid.
The runaway father of one… once a man and master of his household.
Lost that title and position when he was laid off from work.
Attempts at getting another banking job became an effort in futility.
In line with his former routine the man was up by 5 am.
Long before the muezzins voice wafted down from the mosque’s minarets
Showered and off before 6 am on a job search that took him from one office to the other.
Politely and repeatedly declined by numerous H.R managers he took it in his stride.
As days turned to weeks which turned into months his savings dwindled.
Without top up it soon ran out.
Faced with the reality of poverty amidst rising responsiblities and being too proud to beg he began to sell off his valuables.
First his expensive watch collection and other fashion accessories.
Next his laptop, ipad and digital camera.
It was only a matter of time before he sold off 2 of his 3 cars.
“I have big responsibilities to tend to” he often told his family.
Household belongings was next on the list.
Plasma TV, split system and the washing machine followed in quick succession.
Each time his wife discovered a missing item she humiliated him for days.
It didn’t matter if they had a guest or that the neighbors were within earshot.
Even his conjugal rights became a privilege granted whenever his in-laws interceded.
Gradually a loving husband and father became a ghost of his former boisterous self.
Sullen and frustrated.
He turned to the bottle… a temporary respite from his problems.
Most nights he returned home reeking of cheap alcohol… the type we Nigerians call Ogogoro.
One night he came home to meet his wife of 23 years in a compromised position with another man.
In a fit of rage he engaged the intruder in a fight and in less than a minute was beaten so bad he had to be rescued by sympathetic neighbors
The daughter… a witness to a nagging wife’s humiliation of her spouse confronted the mother.
A heated exchange ensued enstranged wife insisting that as long as she paid the bills she was under no obligations whatsoever to anyone.
Soon the out of favor husband found succour in the arms of the housemaid.
An amply endowed vixen from Cross River state.
The illicit relationship went on for a while till it blew open one morning when madam’s suspicion were confirmed.
“My friend if you don’t tell me the name of the bastard father of that bastard in your stomach… I will personally break your neck”.
“Madam na… na oga madam put am there” the frightened help stuttered.
“I will kill you today”
“You will do no such thing woman” came the booming baritone voice of her husband.
“Bloody jobless ingrate… so this is the depth you’ve descended to… i will teach you a lesson”
Madam left the house, threatening to mobilize touts against her husband.
By the time she came back with a few thugs husband and maid had eloped.
Whereabouts unknown.
Few weeks later her younger lover moved into the house with her.
One day madam came back to the sounds of erotic moans that seemed to be coming from her daughter’s room.
Moving closer she heard a male voice that made her blood freeze…
Daniel Ibanga©

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