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I did not hear the bullet eject, the Colt 1911 semi auto pistol.
Only felt myself being lifted up and off my feet.
Then i hit the ground.
Too shocked, to feel the searing heat that pierced my chest.
The close range shot, lodged in my pleural cavity.
My shock, replaced by a painful, burning sensation.
My breath, rapid, no thanks to an obstruction in my airway.
Anxiety set in… triggered by stridor.
The pain’s increased intensity, burning my chest.
My pulse and respiratory rate slowing down… as entire scenes of my life, flashed by in nano seconds.
I was supposed to make two quick drops after this Otto/Oyingbo axis.
One at Shitta Street, Surulere.
The last at Akerele Street, Agege.
Now, my peddling days were over, as i lay in the dirty puddle behind Moonlight brothel… crimson liquid spurting out of me.
Gasping hard for air.
I half squinted at the hooded figures in the sweltering twilight.
Tried to speak but only choked on my blood.
Then the shooter walked forward.
Movements strangely familiar.
Then i recognized him.
His name was…. he used to be my mainland distro, till he got hooked on the product.
“You should never have sacked me” he hissed.
I tried to speak but only heard a sickening gurgle.
He looked down at me.
As i lay there, in a dirty puddle.
Pointed the gun down at me and squeezed…..
Daniel Ibanga.
Ogun state.

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