1. The sweltering heat of a tropical African night came alive with the buzzing tunes of Mosquitoes, that hummed and fed on sweaty bodies, while inoculating Sporozoites into their hosts.
Unperturbed by epileptic supply of electricity, those who could afford an alternate source of power supply, switched on Gen sets or what Nigerians call an “I better pass my neighbor”.
Leaving those who could ill afford the luxury of alternative power supply, at the mercy of a fuming opera of multiple generating sets, that blared in unison and ensured the elusiveness of fitful sleep.
It was in such conditions that Bennett Coker awoke from deep slumber, sticky from sweat which oozed copiously from his body and somewhat fuzzy from heavy alcohol consumption that had recently become a lifestyle.
An acquired lifestyle bankrolled over the course of 2 months by the new neighbor and co-tenant, Mr. Clifford Uche, the happy go lucky bachelor who occupied one of the boys quarters at the rear end of the compound and had recently taken to giving Bennett excess free booze every evening.
Bennett retired unsteadily to bed each evening after every binge, surprised that his once upon a nagging wife, who never hid her dislike for alcohol had recently began encouraging him to drink responsibly.
Feeling a surge of desire for his sweetheart, he groped in the dark for the voluptuous woman that was supposed to be asleep by his side but wasn’t.
Maybe she was in the much airier living room he thought, reaching for his mobile phone device he flicked on its torchlight application, bathing the room in a luminescent glow.
Got up and out of bed and made for the living room, where he met an open door and no sign of his wife, maybe she’s gone to answer the call of nature in either of the four communal lavatories they shared with other tenants, he thought.
Fetching water to drink from the refrigerator, he sat down on one of the shabby, time worn cushions and downed it in one gulp.
10 minutes later there was still no sign of his Wife and so Bennett decided to go check up on her but just before getting to the convenience he heard her deep throated moans.
Apprehensive that she could be having the painful cramps that came during her menstrual cycle, he made to call out her name but was stopped by a deep, muffled grunt that could only be a man.
Not sure if his mind was playing tricks on him, he contemplated the option of knocking but the muffled grunts came again, accompanied by her sing song voice.
“Clifford abeg do release make I go sleep before my guy wake up”
“Babe nor worry yourself… that yeye guy don pass out”
“No be long throat wan kill am so?”
Stunned beyond words, Bennett felt a certain kind of seething fury as his fuzzy mind became fully alert and the realization of how he’d been manipulated, played out in his mind.
Looking around quickly, his eyes caught an empty bottle of Seaman’s Aromatic schnapps, glinting in the moon lit night by the communal kitchen.
Grabbing the schnapps bottle, he smashed the bottom end against the wall in one practiced movement and dashed for the locked convenience cubicle, smashing in the door with one vicious kick and happening upon the scared adulterers.
“Useless drunk don wake and day Don break”
So saying, he raised the broken bottle up and brought it down on the…
Daniel Ibanga©

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