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A staccato burst of gunshots shattered the bustling atmosphere.

Sending frightened bystanders scampering for safety and in the ensuring melee.

3 maroon colored sports utility vehicles screeched to a stop in front of the dreaded… Police station that was designated an area command.

The doors swung open as heavily armed men in camouflage outfits spilled out from the SUV’s and onto the road.

They took up strategic positions in front and around the Police station.

Moments later two pistol bearing ladies dragged a middle aged.

Pot bellied man out of one of the buildings that made up the high security complex.

Pistols trained at his bald head in full glare of armed and unarmed police officers of different ranks and files.

They headed towards the fortified gates.

Behind them a handsome and well dressed man with an AK 47 assault rifle casually slung on left shoulder.

Who had a rolled up jumbo sized joint dangling loosely from his lips brought up the rear.

Sauntering self assuredly the latter barked orders into a thin microphone that extended from his earpiece.


The quartet arrived at the heavily manned gates that had been cordoned off by officers on guard duty.

“One more step and we fire” came an order from the officer in charge of guard duty.


Despite so many weapons aimed at him the well dressed man laughed throatily.

“If anyone’s throwing orders here that would be me… now get out of my way otherwise…”

“Shut up and drop your guns… You are surrounded” the officer retorted.

They stared each other down for a moment before one of the camouflage clad assailants fetched a bazooka from an SUV and trained it at the gates of the area command.

Grabbing and pointing the AK 47 at his hostage.

The well dressed man spoke with a tone of finality “We can do this the easy way or let it go South… it’s your choice to make”.

“Shut up my friend…” 

“Stand down officer” Barked the middle aged man who had been silent all through the exchanges.

“Oga mi we can take this men…”

“That’s an order” the middle aged man who was sweating copiously cut the duty officer off.

Hesitantly the Police officers looked at each other then slowly stepped away from the exit.

The ladies dragged the middle aged man forward and out of the exit while the leader lit his joint.

Inhaled and slowly exhaled a whiff of smoke directly at the officer in charge of guard duty before stepping out of the complex.

The hostage was pushed into one of the waiting SUV’s where his hands were securely bound with plastic straps while the one who appeared to be leader of the group shut the pedestrian gate from outside.

Then strolled casually towards the lead vehicle where he pulled out thick wad of mint naira notes.

The rest of the team quickly jumped into the still revving vehicles which had already started moving.

Assault rifle in one hand the aesthetically athletic leader flung wad after wad of mint cash in the air as bait which quickly attracted a cluster of excited bodies who blocked off the road.

Before he and his team zoomed off into the horizon.

A Police response team tried to follow the daredevil assailants but were blocked by the excited mob who defied repeated car honks and warning shots that was supposed to disperse them.


The leader of the group turned to face his hostage before blowing a whiff of acrid smoke into the frightened man’s face.

Then he removed the joint from his mouth and asked.

“Area commander where is my brother?”

“I… I don’t know what you mean Sir” the shell shocked man blurted.

“You and your men arrested my brother on trumped up charges… threw him into jail… tortured him… extorted his family and then he disappeared under your watch… our pleas as to his whereabouts fell on deaf ears… you and your men denied knowing him and expunged his name from your records”.

“I’m sorry Sir i had nothing to do with it… your brother offended very powerful people including the commissioner of…”

“Stop playing games with me commander your time is going”.

“I will cooperate Oga but if I tell you I will lose my job”

“Would you rather lose your life?”

“Who… Who are you?”

Taking off his red rimmed Ray-Ban glasses to reveal hardened bloodshot eyes.

The man spoke his name in a harsh whisper “you can call me Nemesis”.


Daniel Ibanga ©


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