He awoke.
Head aching and swirling from the exotic mix of last night’s free flowing booze, recreative drugs and very loud music.
Groggy and shivering from the thermo split system’s cool emission, he thirsted for a drink of water and a need to empty the bladder.
Befuddled mind gradually honing on to the classy environment with fancy drapings, fittings and ambience.
Then from somewhere in his consciousness it dawned on him.
That he was laying on the King Size bed of the Presidential room 306 of the prestigious Havana hotel & suites, Gowon estate, in the Egbeda axis of Lagos.
Fagged out, it was here he retired to in the wee hours of the morning, after the elusive eight zero payday party celebrations to mark his biggest heist since becoming an international con artist.
Hours earlier at the get together with friends and hangers-on last evening at 2G1 lounge in Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.
He remembered assuring guests that drinks were on him and he ensuring that it kept coming in Kposi’s (barrels) at $3,000 per order.
That assurance was guaranteed when he placed a wad of $30, 000 in $100 bills on the table and made the first of a series of orders.
He also recalled that each time he ordered a Kposi, alarms and strobe lights went off, followed by a procession of strippers and a waiter.
Who in the illuminance of a complimentary pyro flash, served drinks in well rehearsed arrangement.
Asides booze, the table was heavily ladened with an assortment of readily available recreative drugs like Skunk, Loud, Arizona, Colorado and Crack.
Drugs that were complimented by a cacophonic array of chemical prescriptions, which included substances like codein, tramadol, tramadek, the infamous Omi gutter and a cocktail of other tablets, caplets and capsules for invited science students.
An hour later and clearly club’s MVP for the night, no thanks to an eccentrically attired hype man, who’s insistence on hyping him with urban appellations like “Owo shaka is here hide your money”.
“Clear road for ashanu ma weyin, eyan abule sowo”.
“Sir buje bu danu 1 of Lagos”.
Only served to swell the ranks of his “gbenusi” entourage with “oshofri or free loading” revellers, who wanted a free spin on easy Streets.
As the evening progressed into dawn, a friend or two tried to hook him up with one of the beautiful looking broads who strutted around, brazenly showing off their wares but he disinterestedly declined.
Till from out of nowhere, preceded by leering cat calls she swayed provocatively past his table and momentarily seized his bated breath.
Eyes bulging and swallowing hard, he gasped, breathlessly taking in her very endowed shape, which had him fixated on thoughts of what he could do with such an endowed stunning looker.
Sensing his unmasked desire, the stockily built club owner who was traditionally seated at the MVPs table.
Beckoned and the ample buxomed, wide hipped, sultry seductress in catsuit, walked ever so slowly over to where the group sat.
Wasting no time on introduction, he ordered her a drink which she declined in preference for a bottle of codeine and a wrap of Kush.
Less than an hour later he asked her to leave with him, so they could get to know each other intimately but she politely declined.
Amused she was playing hard to get, he called for more drinks and offsetting the bill, turned his complete attention to her and asked for account details which she eagerly provided.
A mobile transfer and #30,000 naira later, they walked out of the club with a cache of drugs.
S.k for him… Arizona, crack and codein for her.
After settling the area boys and hangers-on who milled about singing his praise, they zoomed off.
At Havana hotel he acted like a man possessed, collecting the keys to his suite in a frenzy and rushing her off to his room.
Once in the tastefully furnished room and at her insistence, they binged on drugs and alcohol, got butt naked, took a shower together, had sizzling sex and dozed off.
Gathering his thoughts despite the hammering in his temple, he checked the time.
11:45 am.
Yawning, eyes feasting on the sleeping beauty beside him, he tiptoed off to the loo to take a leak.
Returning back to the expansive room, he stared at her massive behind, while his stiff shaft throbbed painfully.
Closed in and squeezed her extra large backside, shocked at how cold she felt to his touch.
He shook her gently at first but got no response, then roughly but still she didn’t stirr.
He turned her over only to find that she’d bled from the nose.
While checking for her pulse there was a knock at the door.
Frightened, he enquired in a croak like voice.
“Who… who is it”?
“Oga na room service”
Daniel Ibanga©

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