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Once known by the alias.
“Ijebu Baale waya”.
The “waya” part of said pseudonym.
An urban definition of one who defrauded others via the internet.
Scheme after successful scam scheme.
Triumph after deceptively simple triumph.
His pseudo-alias.
Became synonymous with endless paper.
In the Oke-Ira, Ogba-Aguda, Ikeja axis of Lagos.
36 months after his first cry of “i don hammer!!!”
There began a steady diminishing in returns.
For his “Maye’s” or marks
As our allies across the Atlantic call them.
Simply refused to bless him with hard earned substance.
Worried and confused.
Bearing a bored mindset borne out of necessity.
He attended a popular white garment church.
Consulted with it’s “Aladura”.
Who revealed Ijebu was to return.
All he’d acquired by hook and crook.
Seek penance from GOD.
For his destiny was far greater than yahoo.
This revelation lacked logical basis and so raised skepticism.
In whom it was meant for.
Back in the 3 bedroom flat he shared with siblings.
After pondering for days.
A decision was made.
In the privacy of his bedroom.
Moving over to the bedside desk.
Ijebu lifted up what was considered his most prized possession.
Caressed it.
Ripped off the YBNL sticker he’d stuck on it months back.
With a sigh.
“Ijebu” lifted that which he prized in the air and smashed it in one movement.
His younger brother.
An aspiring rap musician rushed to the scene.
Followed by…, ijebu’s only female sibling.
An established On Air personality.
“Border mi kilonshele… lappy yin lë lamöle yi na!!
He walked away from an action.
That precipitated his worst days on earth.
He who was once a benefactor became the proverbial church rat.
Ridiculed by those he once feted.
They misunderstood him.
Worst being his female blood kindred.
Who once questioned his seniority with the words.
That brought tears to his eyes.
“Iyen l’an ba yin sö… ani kë sekan.
He found solace in the eternal.
In a way no one understood.
Months later.
Despite dense draught and very cold conditions.
Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in… from then Ogun State University.
Ago Iwoye.
His mom’s prayers and faith that got him where he was.
He got down on his knees.
In his adopted country’s busiest point of entry.
Kissed the grey asphalt concrete tarmac.
Before mumbling the words.
“Thank you baba GOD for considering me worthy”
Now one among the 31,049 or so Nigerian immigrants.
Resident in Canada.
He got up and walked into the arrival hall.
Of the Toronto Pearson international airport.
To his new life.
A better life.

Daniel Ibanga©

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