Rags To Riches.

Rags To Riches.


The bespectacled Caucasian male approached the cubicle that housed a wooden workstation.
In a shared office at Otigba Street, within the famous Computer village ICT hub Ikeja.
Adjusting his coke bottom spectacles, the middle aged gentleman addressed the cubicle’s inhabitant in a booming baritone twang.
“I am… and I’m looking for engineer…”
“You are looking at me Sir, how may i be of service please?”
Extending a malfunctioning laptop, the Caucasian lowered his head and whispered conspiratorially, pointing at a dark skinned companion.
“Can you fix this? Nobody seems to have a hang of it but this young man right here says you’re the best geek in this hub”.
“Don’t know about being the best but i try to try. Thanks for the kind words though. Now, let’s take a look at your device”
“Here you go”.
25 minutes and few tweaks later, the system was functioning well again.
The elderly gentleman paid the geek the standard service charge, plus an awesome bonus tip.
Exchanged pager number details, turned around and left in a bounce.
3 years passed by until a call came through the geek’s Nokia 3310 Mobile phone.
“Hello am i speaking with…?”
“Yes you are, who’s on the line and how may i help you?”
“Always customer-centric and i see you’ve not lost touch, my name is… the American who brought his lap top to you for repairs 3 years ago and I’m back in Nigeria”
Momentarily flabberwhelmed the geek exhaled.
“Wow, how did you get my number after all these times Sir?”
“Let’s say your reputation now precedes you, meanwhile get a cab and meet me at the Sheraton hotels and towers now”.
The line went dead.
It took an hour and a half but soon the geek arrived at location and made straight for the reception of the uber posh Sheraton hotel and towers.
On second thought, he whipped out his mobile phone and was bout to make a call, when a familiar baritone twang called out his name.
A 180 degree left turn brought him face to face with the bespectacled Caucasian gentleman.
Who’s outstretched hand and warm smile soon became a bear hug.
A while later and pleasantries exchanged, the elderly gentleman asked the younger man.
“Do you have a valid international passport or means of indentification?”
“No Sir. I mean Mr… I don’t have”
“How much does it cost?”
“It is… thousand naira only i think”
Without another word, a check was made out by the elderly expatriate and handed over to the young geek.
“Here you go. There’s enough in here to get you an international passport and attend to other exigencies. Come back and see me when you have a valid passport”
“Yes Sir, thank you Sir”
4 weeks later the geek was seated aboard an airplane headed for the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, where he’d been enrolled for an internship program in ICT.
It was the beginning of a rise to riches.
(To be continued)

Daniel Ibanga©

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