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I bumped into this ghost from my distant past.
A ghost that once held power over life and death a little over a decade ago.
At the VIP section of The Sailors Lounge.
A hangout on Admiralty Rd, Lekki Lagos.
Who still looked resplendent in Sky blue Agbada and Sokoto outfit.
An outfit complimented by a conspicuous pair of alligator skin shoes.
Trim and fit.
He could have passed for handsome but for an ugly scar that ran down his left cheek.
A scar that reminded me that this boyish looking, smiling man… was once the most cold blooded political hit man for hire.
Defacto leader of the.. one among numerous superficial terrorist groups on Nigerian campuses.
Which frequently unleashed bloodbath in its quest for supremacy.
His rise to power was cunningly calculated.
Brutally bloody.
And dramatically daring.
A blockbuster scenario on River road.
In the University town of Abraka.
Province of Ethiope east.
Delta state.
Back when he resided at Canon Mason hostel before moving to the last hostel on River road.
As i moved closer.
His face melted into a smile made grotesque by the scar.
Before the familiar boom of his baritone resonated richly.
“Eee bang am na you be this?”
“Another me nor be me na.. guy long time how you dey na?”
“Egbon i dey o long time you still dey see mikolo?”
“Yes” i replied as i ordered a scotch on the rocks.
“That guy na fine footballer that year” he said.
“Yes o you sef dribble me nor be small for we stadium for Ochuko villa… you still dey tap leather”
He kept quiet as his eyes misted over.
Then looked at me as he cleared his throat.
“Egbon confra na bad thing”
“Why you talk so na… you think say i nor dey hear your doings for federal?”
He smiled again.
“Brosie that na that year… me don drop my reg tay, tay, na Jesus me dey follow now”
“Guy march break, butter nor be monkee lem na” I retorted.
He simply smiled and got up.
“Bros abeg help me put eye for my booze… ah wan throw water”
So saying he stood up and reached for a pair of crutches by his side.
Crutches I’d not noticed.
“Thank GOD bros… you still dey waka well na kill dem be wan kee me”
As he made for the loo i saw he’d lost a leg.
Suddenly he turned his head.
“Bros na politicians dey promote confra wars”.

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