Strange Scenario

Strange Scenario

We met on my birthday.

The 19th day of the last month in 2010.

At the prestigious Mozida night club.

A walk down from Tropicana hotel extension.

Sabo gari quarters.

Where team(s) Kano urban and rural were lodged.

For a tobacco “LEP” project that ended a day before.

To celebrate me.

Both teams headed for the prestigious Mozida night club.

Kano’s finest.

Where we ordered our specific liquor brands and got down to the serious business of unwinding.

My supervisor asked the DJ to play me a special number which i was to dance to.

Quick to decline.

I was finally coerced and ushered on to the dance floor by the 8 ladies on both teams.

We danced in unison and it wasn’t long before other revellers joined in as we partied into the a.m.


I made my way to the bar and ordered me my fifth Heineken.

Which the barman served in a jiffy but before i could take a sip.

Someone patted me gingerly on the buttocks and i turned round to see a tall, gangling, light-skinned well dressed dude who appeared to be in his 30’s.

From his curly hair, pointed nose, thin lips and slender stature, I quickly deduced that he was of Fulani descent.

“Happy birthday Daniel”

He said over the din of D’banj’s Mr endowed that wafted over the speakers.

His voice a rich baritone with an acquired accent.

Before i could say thank you,

He said “my name is…”
and stretched out a slim, well manicured hand and we shook hands.

I ordered him a drink which he declined citing religious reasons.

We got talking and minutes later he said “Dan can i ask you a question?”

“Yes… feel free”

“You are a fine guy shay you know?”

“I don’t think so” i laughed.

“Can we be friends?”

“That we already are”

“No i mean more than friends”

Suspicious i asked “How?”

“I want you to be my girlfriend”

“I am not a girl”

“Yes i know but…”

He didn’t finish as the force of my right fist connected with his jaw and sent him sprawling.


“Mie paru?” asked the bouncer who came rushing to the scene in Hausa.

“Wan chia banza mutumu… dan daudu na” i replied.

The bouncer smiled.

“Welikom to Kano Oga daniel”

Daniel Ibanga©

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