The Paedophile

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After retiring from the army, old soldier became an accomplished businessman, politician and community head.

Who’s debauched ways was an open secret in the neighborhood of… somewhere in the ancient southwestern Nigerian town of Ibadan.

For the old man was addicted to indiscriminate sex with groups of underaged young ladies, sourced majorly from secondary schools within and beyond the neighborhood.

Who he lured into his bed daily with a combination of flattery, crisp cash notes and other expensive finerys.

So infamously notorious was old soldier in his community that he was nicknamed “Baba Catch Them Young” .

Given that, his preys who came in two’s and three’s sometimes dressed in various school uniforms, were nearly always younger than his 16 year old last granddaughter.

An unfriendly economy occasioned by inflation meant more and more teenage girls trooped to his den in hopes of a handsome inducements.

He slew them all without protection or remorse but the downside of his escapades however was sometimes some of the girls got pregnant.

And their angry parents would storm Baba Catch Them Young’s abode yelling vulgar expletives at the cunning old predator.

Some aggrieved parents even arrested him on occasions over statutory rape accusations but the old fox always managed to wriggle out of the law’s grasp.

And as oft happens, time caught up with old soldier’s insatiate libido as his now at quarter-mast, weapon of mass destruction simply refused psychomotricity instructions.

Noticeably depressed especially when any of his plethora of groupies came knocking, the old man was a shadow of his once upon a jovial self, on account on an inability to perform.

It saddened him more to tip his preys whenever they took their leave for he had to keep up appearances and feign disinterest or sickness.

Any sign of erectile dysfunction would be disastrous to his reputation, he thought.

His wife and mother of most of his children soon took notice of his sullenness, concerned, she enquired repeatedly but was always brushed aside with flimsy excuses.

Weeks later and on advice of a feathered fraternal friend, who was professor of medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.

Baba catch them young recovered his virility via an admixture of traditional and conventional sex enhancement drugs.

It was time to ball again but challenge was he constantly needed to pop one or more of those enhancement drugs and soon he was hooked on them.

Occasionally experiencing priapism, a condition that sometimes lasted between one to three hours, occasionally weakening and had once sent him on a 4 hour coma. 

Baba was never bothered about his health, as long as he could deliver.

Repeated warnings from his personal physician on the need to slowdown fell on deaf ears, ditto for his wife of 58 years who he chided with accusations of jealousy.

Then one day while engaged in one of his orgies, the old man suddenly started feeling palpitations in his heart that was soon followed by rapid or irregular heartbeats.

Lightheaded, he started wheezing which caused one of his juvenile partners to enquire with concern.

“Baba Kilode ba’un?” 

Attempting to rise but short of breath the old man tried to speak but his words came out in an inaudible croak.

He tried to signal the 15 year old dark beauty who straddled him to get up but found himself unable to move, as he made a last ditch effort to raise himself up something gave and baba started convulsing.

His young lovers looked at themselves, consulted each other after which they wore their boarding house wears and left the old Man writhing on his bed.

An hour later his wife accustomed to hearing young ladies giggling and talking excitedly, felt uncomfortable with the eerie silence decided to go checkup on her husband but met a stone cold victim of cardiac arrest lying ackwardly on their matrimonial bed.



Daniel Ibanga©

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