Undistracted and unlimited in cutting edge innovations.

Unbowed and unbroken in resonating resilience.

Young revolutionaries stood side by side today a year ago.

Protesting police brutality.

Uninterested and undivided by culture or creed and the parochial principles of partisan politics.

Resisting the temporal tenets of social stratification and dogma conditioned doctrines.

By sharing, caring and catering equitably for one and all while observing and respecting the rights of one another’s worship.

An act of proof in Man’s primordial ability to be good.

Proof enough that we can unite Afrika and restore the dignity of the Afrikan.

A generation determined to be the change we’ve been praying for.

One that dared to speak for a voiceless people.

An oppressed people too afraid to demand equal rights and social justice for all.

Here I am paying tribute to the Sörösoke generation.

Martyrs and victims of the #LekkiMassacre

Daniel Ibanga ©
October 2021.

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