The clinically ruthless elimination of the familial victims, left all in awe of the frail felon, who now stood unflinchingly erect, unbowed or uncowed by the gravity of a triple homicide or it’s resultant consequences.
What non of those present in Court knew, was that the barely 20 year old feline featured, small statured and soft spoken accused had long lost the will to live and so had given up on the illusion of a happy ever after ending.
From a mother who died at childbirth to returning from school 15 years later, to find a heartbroken father’s body dangling from a hook in the living room that was meant to hold a ceiling fan.
As oft happens in these parts, a talk of the Town burial party organized on behalf of the deceased, who hardly got visits from same relatives was followed by an extended family meeting, where a decision was unanimously reached.
That conveyed the responsibilities of taking in and catering for the dead man’s only teenage daughter to his elder brother.
Hours after that informal adoption at few minutes past midnight, the teenager’s privacy was invaded in the room assigned to her by the squeak of the door, which was hurriedly opened, immediately shut and followed by the ominous click of a lock.
Afraid, she watched trance like as a silhouette snooped towards her and without warning grabbed, gagged, brutally pinion her arms together in a vice like grip and violated her innocence.
Satiated, the muscularly built figure whispered in a husky voice that was her cousin’s, that he would not hesitate to strangle her if she ever told anyone.
6 nights after being brutally violated, a soft rap at the door had her cringe in fright but on hearing her Uncle’s raspy voice.
She calmed down, got off the bed and quickly opened the door without another thought.
Only to be harried back inside by the potbellied, stockily built, bare chested frame of an Uncle, who only had a loosely wrapped piece of clothing that barely hid the stiff throbbing of his animal like intentions, around his loins.
Quickly, the familial intruder bolted the door and turned round to fix bloodshot eyes on his niece, who cowered haplessly like a cornered animal against the far wall.
Without warning, the one older than her father cast off the wrapped vestige that covered his naked body and advance towards his prey.
Halting less than a feet from the frightened girl, he quietly covered her mouth with the loin cloth and while she sobbed in-between his coaxed flattery, subtle threats and empty promises.
The one who had sworn to protect her like a daughter also took advantage of her circumstance.
In the months that followed, father and son repeatedly violated her and with non to turn to, the traumatized teenager decided to confide in her uncle’s wife.
A decision that turned monumentally disastrous as her uncle’s enraged wife, beat the future felon to within an inch of a miserable existence, on the preposterous allegation that the former was an ungrateful fibber out to destroy the family’s hard earned reputation.
After the brutal beating that nearly sent her to an untimely end, she was summarily thrown out of the house with a fraction of her luggages.
Stigmatized and with none to turn to she trekked nearly 27 kilometers to her late parent’s house, only to discover it inhabited by another family.
Seeing the rain drenched distressed juvenile, a former neighbor took pity on the traumatized girl but weeks later, the good Samaritan would also send her packing on discovering that she was pregnant and 3 months gone.
Dejected and frustrated, it was at that point that the would be felon decided to end it all at the train rails of Oyingbo, Lagos.
Fate however had other plans as a passerby sighting an upcoming train, pulled the distressed young girl off the tracks before the train could ram into her.
Berating the whimpering teenager, the fair complexioned lady took compassion on the skinny looking suicide attempter.
She listened to the latter’s harrowing experiences and took her home to one of many brothels along the Otto-Oyingbo axis, where the former was an influential Chair lady.
It was here that the traumatized girl gave birth to a son and weeks after her 16th birthday, joined the amorous trade in flesh to keep body and soul together.
The next 3 years found her actively engaged in the oldest trade known to man, patronized by all sorts of low lifers who saw her as a means to satiating the urge.
Tragedy would however strike again as state laws, made it a mandatory requirement for commercial sex workers to be tested weekly for HIV and she was no exception.
One monday morning’s failed test confirmed that the young mother had been tainted with the virus and as such was to be evicted from the brothel.
Embittered, she contracted 2 well known hoodlums that hung around motor parks by day and slept at any of the many brothels at night.
Then prayed for and abandoned her infant child at a motherless babies home, with the hope that somehow someone would be good to her.
Next, in company with the new found henchmen she paid an unexpected visit to those who were responsible for her travails.
The old man and his son confessed their transgressions, then alongside shocked wife and mother, they all pleaded for their lives but the prey that was now predator was far consumed by vengeance.
4 shots later 3 bodies lay stiff and their executioner turned the still smoking gun at her shocked accomplices…
Jolted from her reverie by the judge’s booming pronouncements in the packed Courtroom, where she stood accused of first degree murders.
“You will hang by the neck till you die… may GOD have mercy on you” The courtroom suddenly burst into a series of activities, as the murder case that held the nation spell bound for months came to it’s inevitable conclusion.
A burly warder then proceeded to lead the condemned young woman from the burnished Brown dock and out of the Courtroom into a waiting Black Maria.

Daniel Ibanga©

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