If Tommorow never comes

If Tommorow never comes

The rainy season came with such annoying instability, I thought as I backed my car out of the parking lot of the Company I worked in. It could be lightly sunny one minute and then the next moment, it was drizzling again. As if the weather was indecisive about what it wanted to be. It was raining again and I wouldn’t have been so cranky about it but the rain made the roads tricky to drive on.
It happened so fast, I barely had time to catch my breath. One moment, I was steering my car on the deserted highway bridge, calling my wife, desperately willing her to pick the phone so I could tell her I was coming home sooner than expected. The next thing I knew, my car careened off the bridge and hung precariously on the bridge railings. I saw my life play out before my eyes…my childhood, fishing trips with my parents, the fun-filled life I had lived during High School and College, my very first job, my wedding, the birth of my first son, the happy life I lived with my family … And for one moment I hoped with all my heart that I would live, that I would somehow survive this… But the odour of Death is so strong that when it hovers above you, it consumes you.

Tommorow is my first son’s birthday.
Tommorow I might wake him up with a bear hug and watch in delight as he unwraps the new toyset I got him as a birthday gift.
Tommorow, I’ll kiss my wife good morning and help her ice the cake for our little boy. I’d pat her bulging tummy too and ask how our little girl was doing.
Tommorow evening, I’d have taken my family out to the movies before grabbing dinner at McDonald’s as a special treat. Then, we’d have laid on raffia mats outside our house and watched the stars, my wife and I laughing at the antics of our little boy as he snores loudly, sated from the events of a happy birthday.

Tommorow never did come for me.

With a Swerve and a loud lurch, my car tipped over the railings and plunged into the sea below. I died.

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