Till the End

Till the End

“How do you choose to stay happy after the ill-treatment from your boss?” Hannah asked confused and agitated.

With a smile on her face and swinging a arm over Hannah’s shoulder, Rebecca replied, “i am definitely hurt by the continous beatings and ill-treatment but you know the situation. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Williams, i wouldn’t have ever dreamt of going to school talk less of having an ambition.”

“I know, for a fact that they are the principal and owners of this school, i can tell they are nice but who have thought they had such other side when their motto is ‘love everyone‘ uhn?” Hannah said cutting Rebecca short.

“You see Hannah, they are really nice people but they can’t be perfect”

“Hold on, are you taking their side?” Hannah snapped.

“No, i am not. But i can’t bad mouth them either. They are doing the things my parents can’t afford. Let them treat me the way they want but i am happy because there’s hope of making my dreams become a reality. That thought alone drives the pain away you see.” She said.

Hannah sighs feeling sorry for her best friend; she finally says “for your dreams to turn to a reality, you think being an ill-treated slave would do?”

Tears roll down Rebecca’s cheek, “when i am done with school, it would be over, at least i wouldn’t be with them any longer, i have to take these things in for my parents, i am doing this for them”.

“I know” Hannah replies pulling Rebecca in for a warm hug.

It’s been a tough ride for Rebecca on the path of achievements and to achieve her dreams, her parents send her to stay with Mr and Mrs Williams who own a school so she can get some education; in return she would be a maid. Although she is being mistreated by The Williams’, she is staying till the end knowing fully well that there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel. This soothes her injuries and pains.


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  1. It’s a very strange situation to be in, while i do not condone what the williams are doing, i applaud her strength and i hope it all works out for her

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