When you understand not the problem, you underestimate the solution. We must realise not every motion is the way forward anyway. We should really respect reality in reasoning. Is the call for revolution for a reason or treason? Maybe we think the problems just exist independently, they remain in existence not just because we can survive them, but that some people survive on them. It is some people’s means of living, which simply means, in all you resolve to, you must solve their problems for a lasting solution. This seems more of parallel to nonsense than paradox, let’s explore reality. You may expect words on the recent call for revolution, but that cannot even be counted as any motion, revolution should be so spontaneous with pre-planned notion, not publicising intention making it just any information. A system ruined on paper that we want to restore on banners. Corruption sustained on chaos that we want to fight with violence. Destruction driven in death rolls that we want to reconstruct by trekking distance. Before you revolve, more of majority must have evolved and the minority made to resolve to peace. One of us cannot just stand to think for all of us. Just take your time to read this and think whatever may be workable.

Who does revolution not affect, the poor or the rich? The rich lives exotic, imports all and even exploit others or transacts on imported goods for a living. To increase the country’s revenue, we stopped importation to boost production, and you think the rich man will watch you wreck him? We want to diversify, the smarter rich is everywhere already and ready for opportunity, he calls his fellow rich and they dominate again and again they continue the exploitation. We feel like what is the benefit of the poor in problems? Let’s solve the problem of revenue, we dive into merchandise farming, the government mechanise the agricultural sector, the then merchant by peasant farming cannot stand the competition anymore, he has to release more children to the streets to balance. Restore the bad roads to increase production, the roads are good again and usage regulated, what is the fate of the local mechanic, he improvises his tools for burglary. The government trying to fulfil 24/7 light goal, to compensate for rain storms, decide to use low tension wiring system in an erroneous town planning system, the bricklayers or well diggers that strike a metre deep at each strike contacts a wire and are six-feet below in no time. To reduce mortality, the illiterates have to start getting government approval of which puts them at disadvantage relative to the civil contractor. Have you ever thought of how to employ the many youths with just one certificate, which is always wrapped between their fingertips to certify they are professional smokers?

Wait a moment! Do you at all know all I meant? All the accumulation of hopeless population created by solving problems resort to crime in the long run, a country initially unarguably driven by corruption, as many live on income outside legal means and many survive in this outside. Need for security and imprisonment arises, prison construction competes with industrialization. These are just inferences anyway. Poverty is underestimated in development, whereas it is not only the problem, but the setback. The poor majority also have to be carried along, but they will hinder progress as they weigh down all with their burden of poverty. The definition of poverty also reflects intellectual regress of which opposes progress. There is a problem to every solution of which you have to be futuristic to give lasting solution. In solving the problem, remember to carry along the miserable majority and block the greedy minority. To be futuristic is like solving all problems at once, because it calls for revolution.

Look back and look around, those that revolved, how did it happen? You want to be like the United states, you kill a president, kill the next, whether worse or just imperfect, you do not need to kill a third one, because instability of government will call for a coup d’état, what next? It evolves to use and disuse, we hire and fire for the best brain to be found. The next to be fired then resolves to set the system on fire when he can no more fire on. Be like Ghana and make your corruption laws like that of China, kill any corrupt leader, then you start seeing so many vacancy adverts on doors of public offices. The capable are the corrupt and they only got their capability from corruption and even the next generation is not being prepared for the task. Then, it becomes survival of the fittest and it goes beyond capability for development but ability to exist. The most peaceful revolution we can experience is mental revolution. Have you ever tried convincing a typical poverty stricken person, especially without telling very immediate benefits? You realise the probability of peace is too low and slow progression is more assured.  Who wants food aid from those that arm the enemies if revolution resulted in war? One Nigeria, Think it!

All is not to say revolution is not a solution or that solution is impossibility, but to reach the reality that it is a herculean task with much Achilles heels to heal. These are words to prepare every mind that is willing to make dream Nigeria a reality. Where there is will, there is way, but let me also remind you that where it seems there is no way to some people, there are obstacles for you also. It takes more than the words of ‘Yes we can’ to attain the great height and restore great Nigeria. I could have concluded depending on level of capabilities, that revolution is a motion towards or away from the solution, but I know there is someone out there with the better idea, you are welcome, come on board.


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