Are They Extraordinary or what?

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Many claim they be weak, some say their greatness lies in bed or worse to satisfy the selfish desire of the male folks. Is this true? I bet it differs though we live in a world where men dump their children to the women to train and those weak children upbrought by these supposed weak children become the world’s greatest villains and heroes, making the greatest exploitation the world is yet to see. Now I ask, in a world where the damnation and reconstruction of it, has a woman within the pivotal cog. So tell me, can we say a woman is weak?
“Ali Khalid, are you talking to yourself again.”
“No mother, I am doing my homework.”
“ba za ku iya canza duniya haka ba? (you can’t change the world like that?)”
“But that is not what I doing.”
“Just keep that in mind.”
“Yes, Mother.” It is funny, to say the least, that my mother also doesn’t believe me. So I took my camera and set out for an experiment. Let’s go?
“Ali stop talking to yourself,”
“I am not mother. I am speaking to my 20 youtube subscribers.”
“What is that?”
“Forget it mother. I am leaving already.”
“To where?”
“X street.”
“Come buy me this and that on your way back.”
“Oooooh Mother, it will spoil my swag.”
“Okay oh, sha dey eat your swag ko.”
“(You just be threatening someone).”

Oh sorry guys for the interruption, let continuing my experiment. First, I need to run an errand for my loving mother.
“Ali How far, your mele don cook, baba, I dey H.”
“Oga when go, go find job.”
“Se bi mele talk say I fit come anytime.”
“Sanni, yoi bi barao.”
“Kai Ali Khalid, Your Mother is my mother.”
“Oga when?” I asked curiously.
“Forget am. You go see this evening.” I stood stupified by Sanni’s moronic statement but who am I to judge, my mother is a share-ful gift like so. Unlike my father, she was born a Princess but for some reason, she told me that I don’t understand, she chose my father over the numerous suitors that came. “Who does that?” Though my father really loves mother, his bank account is, a story for another day.”Enough about this, let’s continue.”

After my errand, I will gather six ladies representing six possiblity I found.
“One: Visionary, Two: Sacrificial Three: Forgiving, Four: Calculative, Five: Beautiful and Finally Six: Limitless.” So lets go.

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