Getting Set

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“Almost set.” A young lady standing behind an old bungalow, moved towards an old red-coloured crate, placing her pair of shoes on it.

“Aina!” A voice carried by the wind walked to where she was behind the house, having one foot on an empty crate. “Getting set for ma day.” She whistled.

“where are you going this early?” 

“Somewhere far far away,” Aina replied, with a grin on her face, while tying up her shoes.

“What!” The woman’s voice jolted. “You are running away. Again?”

“Seriously woman, I was four when that happened.” Aina passed the last lace above and under her right foot. “Phew.” She stood straight accessing the shoes and the knots, proud of her gifting, as her reality drifted into a time where her foot was placed became a golden glass and the building behind her terraformed into a storeyed mansion covered in gold plates and marble stones. “Omo.” She muttered while looking towards the left, seeing the cars arrayed in their types, flowers planted in their beauty, even the sun was gentle around her eye. “Omo,” She said again, as the wind blow before she turns her gaze to the front wear the glass gate stood and the gate-man ushered in the parastatals who drove in, in their droves. “Omo,” She said with the pitch of her voice rising.

“Excuse me, Madam.” She turned with neck-breaking speed to her left as the strands of her hair rivers against her face. “Ehn.” She nervously said as a man dressed in a tuxedo bowed to her.

“What would you like for breakfast, madam?” She stood transfixed as the words to convey had flown. “Any, any, anything.” She jittered. 

“Alright.” The man walked into the building, clapping his hands to signal the chefs to commence. Aina stared stupified as any tapped, to request her attention.

“The painting is ready, madam.” Aina stared at the image the person pointed into her gaze, noticing the person looked a lot like her but the baked face and the manicured hand and well-pamed skin, sent are over the moon.

“Who, who is that?” She asked.

“I want to believe it is you.” She looked closer with every possible doubt her facial expressions can muster. 

“Do whine me jare.” She withdrew her gaze, thinking “That person is too fine to be me.” 

“Madam. Can you—”

“Wetin sef.” She lashed at the man.

“My apologies madam.” 

“Sorry, I just feel like this is a dream.”

“Of course it is.” The man replied but Aina though in disbelief was enraptured by the sight she beheld.

“Madam.” The man tapped her out of the raptured moment, placing a mirror before her.

“This—” Aina stretch her hand towards the mirror, moving her head to the side to confirm the motion. “You most kidding. It is m—”

“Aina!” Aina’s mother called, causing the gold plated building and flowered garden to ripple out of her gaze.

“See this woman. Ma!” Aina replied as the Savour of the sight stayed glued to her tongue.

“I saw where you they go?”

“Mama, I dey go after my dream!”

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