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“Where do I start from?” Khalid pondered, He was born into a royal family, and named the heir to the throne, until that fateful day. “Omo I mess up gan oh.” He turned on the master-classed bed he lead on, in the room looking upside down, covered with branded clothes and a skewed wardrobe. “Walahi” He breathed out, pulling the duvet closer to his chest, revealing his mud-deep feet. “me nake tunani? (What was I thinking in Hausa?)” He pulled one closer as he turned to the right, at the light beaming from his Laptop displaying ‘Battery low.’ While the hideous thought of possible escape came to him. “Abi muk I just jump ni?” The thought terrified him, as he pressed his fist on his chest, placating the heart skip. “I still wan live but,” He curled up, making the duvet cover just his upper body. “Wetin I go con do. Wahala don kiss me kai.” The thought of his parents and younger ones, stood tall before him as he saw disappointment exude from them. “Pa, Ma, Safiyah, Zanari, Abdul. I am sorry. This was not what I planned.” He turned fiercely, throwing off the duvet, exposing his unclothed skin and underpants to the gut-wrenching cold air from the air-conditional because the heat he felt was beyond description as his body was drenched in sweat. He placed his palms over his face as though to pray, facing the roof. “shin wannan da gaske ne karshen? (Is this really the end?)” He spoke under his breath, as his hand trembled and his body temperature kept rising. “Umph.” Khalid stared at the roof which seem to be missing as the replay of the past days played. “Was there something I missed?” He soliloquized, looking for a clue within the conversation he had with the dealer and requests he made for the goods. “Nothing happened, I am sure of it.” He closed his eye and reopened them. “I know my plan was fail-proof.” He smirked then his face slither back to worry. “Dele!” He jumped up, like one struck by an epiphany. He ran towards his phone, and dailed Dele’s number which came back with ‘The number you are trying to call is not reachable at the moment.’
“What!” Khalid threw his hand as though to fling the phone but was stopped by the phones ‘beep, beep.’ He looked expecting an alert of some sort, but to his dismay he read ‘battery low, shutting down.’
“Argh!” He threw the phone on the bed, then placed his hand on the edge he sat on, his head bowed, eyes close and brain processing thousands of information at once, exhuming steam. “Ehn now, that is what I did, when he did that” Khalid tilted his head, putting on the detective’s hat. “That’s when I met him, so no harm also.” He tapped the bed as a light shone from the distance and got closer and the closer it got the more clearly he saw the point of the possible problems until he saw the light disappear and darkness was left again. “I can’t remember what happened at this point.” He sat up as his temperature gradually dropped, though slowly. “Was I drunk? No, I didn’t even drink— ya yesu!” His fear became anger for a while as he tapped the bed and stood up pacing within the confined space left in the chaotic room. “This is bull— Argh!!!” His heart raced faster than he could control, which made him throw a punch without thought, striking the mirror, which fell off where it was hung. “This is their fault!” He shouts though not in the pain of his bleeding hand. “It was their fault, I was—” Khalid’s attention shifted towards a mirror piece that reflects the room’s light into his eye. He stood looking at the mirror piece and strangely against his character, picked up and saw some part of his face reflected and other part missing. “Maybe I can—” He stared sternly at the mirror piece. “No, I will. You have a piece, just find the missing ones.”

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