The stone piece, Treasure Craft

Woubishet Z. Taffese-31eb48ec

Africa oh Africa,
The great father of my nation,
The beauty exuding through the sun,
And sit undeterred by chains.

Africa oh Africa,
Standing tall across the seas,
Raising chants like Wakanda Forever,
When black panther No live forever (Rip: Chadwick Boseman)

Africa oh Africa
The mothership of nations vast,
The whisperer of coloured deep black,
And Crown king of grassy green.

Africa oh Africa,
Sitting royal within the earth,
Grounding songs, I see what happening here,
Face to face with Maui teaching Moana.

Africa oh Africa,
The son numbered with the great seven,
Gifted the Prime Meridian and the equator,
Reflecting the Sun its guide.

Africa oh Africa,
Sleeping Gracely, like Simba and Mufasa,
A lion, king of the _____
Loved by many, hated by more, yet kissed by his lovers.

Africa oh Africa,
The oil well of creative calving,
The pyramid of Giza, the great beauty of the sphinx,
The city of many golds.

Africa oh Africa,
The relative of sound mind,
A friend to majestic craftsmen,
The painter of the future past.

Africa oh Africa,
Hewed from the rocks of wonderful,
Born from the womb of wisdom,
Called out the vast stream of unique.

Africa oh Africa,
Drawn on the canvas of miracles,
Mixed in the paints of progress,
Nailed on the wall of awe.

Africa oh Africa,
The pride of the blacks,
Loved by greens and nature,
Blessed by Providence.

Africa oh Africa,
My father’s land and mother’s home,
My uncle’s anthem and aunty’s dance,
Africa, the place of my planting.

Africa oh Africa,
Carved from the stones of Majesty,
Speaking to the pebbles of possibilities,
Walking on the Golden street of greatness.

Africa oh Africa,
Like Nigeria’s Arise oh Compatriot,
There was a call and we obeyed,
In love and unity to uphold this great, great continent.

Africa oh Africa,
Like South Africa’s Anthem,
Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (God bless Africa),
Indeed We Say Africa is blessed.

Blessed with treasures and giftings,
Vastness and depth, written in time and space,
The very walls reveal the Master’s piece called Africa.

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