Trials of Visibility (The beauty of Africa(

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We stemmed from fire,
Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal,
For we were burnt to the bones, wished tomorrow ends it all,
Yet we are here and we are still standing.

We crawled out of the hole of shame,
Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, even Uganda,
Many Whips without apology, cursed for no reason,
Yet we are here and more grounded in victory.

Many saw us, no less than dogs
Dr Congo, Cameroon, Chad and Gabon,
They Spat upon us, gifted our kings’ rags,
Many years passed, and we are still standing.

We had the stories that tore down civilians,
Egypt, Algeria, Sudan and Morocco,
All knew we were Invaded without warning, chained with no pity,
Though they tried to break us, we are still standing.

The black race they called, niggas they scorned us,
Niger, Mali, Guinea, also Benin,
We became stigmatized by our colour, sidetracked by our beauty,
Dusk Left, Dawn arrives and we, singing out victory.

We were called out, to be chained down,
Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi and Somalia,
They are for no use than our pleasure, scourge them if they bear their fangs,
All through that roller coaster, we are still standing.

Even when all hope was lost, we held on to hope
Congo, Central Africa Republic, equatorial Guinea, even Sao tome and Principe,
As we stood tall, regardless of the backlashes,
Called home, our home, never denying our dynasty,
As you see, we are standing.

Refused passport, sentenced to no spot,
Tunisia, Liberia, Togo and Sierra Leone,
For we were placed on lockdown, never to progress,
Yet through the wild claws of savage, we are here, standing.

The prison bars did not stop us, the sun only blessed us,
Libya, Mauritania, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau,
Even the moon sang to us, a note to match forward,
And we are still standing.

Our parents sold us, though they love us,
Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan,
We were cursed to hate loved ones, only to hate ourselves,
Though the scars inflicted, we are still standing.

The struggles of day, a day more beautiful than today,
Carbo Verde, Eritrea, Mauritius, also Djibouti
We came together as one, one colour, one voice,
Because we…will…remain…standing.

We have longed to give in, give in to the pain and sorrow,
Eswatini, Comoros, Seychelles and South Africa,
We wished we had it better, But Even when we didn’t,
We keep our heads held high because we never gave in.

Come rain and Danced the storms,
Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and YOU
Would ring our bells and sound the alarm,
Because We Remaining Standing.


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