For how long?

For how long?

Abdulkabeer Tijani

Amidst the Outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the world has been screaming in pain with the government of the world taking various precautionary measures towards curtailing the spread of this virus. No doubt, the globe is been affected by multiple rising cases on a daily basis.

During the early stages of this virus, everyone was sanguine that scientists and researchers would swing into quick action and in meantime develop a vaccine to help damage the replication of this disease in the human body but unfortunately 1-2 months down the line, we are still crying for help. Despite decades of research and centuries of experience, viruses like those that cause Covid-19 remain major health threats.
Besides, one of the salient precautions that have been taken by the government of the world in recent times has been the issuance of a Lockdown Directives on its citizen. The understanding of the government on this virus is that it spreads very fast in public gatherings and its best to restrict movement simply to avoid the spread. But looking at this from a Nigerian Perspective, one would observe that this directive has been marred with lots of irregularities as such militating against the effective workability of this directive.
Sadly, our itinerary has been limited, business trip canceled, our schools have been closed, religious centers reduced to a graveyard, our economy falling and to cap it all up we have been restricted to the four corners of our room with the government leaving us to our shadow
On a daily basis, we rise to the deteriorating state of Insecurity in our communities. Hoodlums have hijacked the leadership, forcing us out of our comfort zones in the middle of the night, threatening and carting away vital valuables away from us. And since the government is deaf to our call, Everybody has been made to hunt in the middle of the night like a hunter watching over is dictate.
Even as it stands, we are still far from the end of this battle. We keep hoping without assurance. It becomes clearer by day that our lonely days is not something to overcome soon. We are all in constant fear with everybody disturbed as to how to totally get rid of it.

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