I Know a Woman

I Know a Woman

Abdulkabeer Tijani

 I know a woman!

Whose part I tarry to Ìlè Àyé

Sucked her natural milk for years

Sleep on her cradle bed làì mòyé gbà

Caused her awake in the mist of nights

I know a woman!

Who is a real Ábìyámò

She has always sacrificed meaningful time

Just for my Ídúnù

Tolerated me in Ìgbà ìlè kòkòò

A mother of five but cares for millions

She is a perfect paradigm of our daily women

I know a woman!

Who is a real joy of motherhood

She has become my personal Inspiration

Through her Íwà rèré am always feeled with Ìdùnù

Through her religious tolerance liberated many

I know a woman!

Whose house is always crowded

Not because she organises knees up But because she accommodates the less privilege

She is a first lady in diaspora

I know a woman!

Who is an angel in form of ènìyàn

She has been accorded accolades

By the virtue of her kind heart

Through her impeccable knowledge Towards the upliftment of others

I know a woman!

Who appears as light in the mist of Ókùnkùn

She never discriminate nor segregrate

Less concern about religious bigotry and ethnic bias

But rather strives to make an impact In the life of those that comes her way

I know a woman!

Whom through her stream of knowledge

I have benefitted

She was never an educatee but was nick named Ójògbòn

Neither was she a lecturer but lectured

Neither does she teaches but a great motivational speaker She is just a definition of an erudite scholar

I know a woman!

Who I can never forget in this market called WORLD?

She is a woman in her prime

An epitome of wisdom

I know not an ordinary woman

I know my mother

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