Abdulkabeer Tijani 

I Visualise a country

Of beacon hope for the black race

And a leading nation of reckoning

In the international community


I visualize a country

Whitish like a pilled egg

Purified like ocean

Serene like a prison yard


I visualize a country

Rescued from myriad of problems

After the presumed battle of fig

That spatted innocent bloods

Transit from austerity to economic revolution

From primordial ethnocentrism to indigenization policy

From destruction to construction

From confrontation to consultation

From prebendalism to democracy

From quicksand to brotherhood


I visualize a country

Roaming out of it harmattan days

Of longhaul endemic heart attack

To a laced innovations

Empowering the young leaders

With strong manpower


I visualize a country

Rising from the dark and resolute valley of segregation

To the sunlit path of racial justice

Pledging to march ahead

To its promise land


I visualize a country

Of green white green

The green was so greenish

The white was so whitish

Despite their diverse culture

They were held with the strong believe

Of unity and Faith

I visualize the Nigeria we have always dreamed of

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