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    In the World Cup, people of many nations come together for a fierce competition. To field the best team, all the competitor nations know that they need to train their athletes for many years, starting as early as the first moments a child can recognize a soccer ball. No shortcuts. No late starts.
    -J. B. Pritzker

    Dear African Team,I must congratulate you all for going through the herculean task of making sure that you participate in the world tournament.Indeed this is a feat many countrys are always anticipating to participate in first because it is a very important way to measure the good players, and the great ones. It is a test of a great player and a great global sporting event, it is also inscribed with much deeper cultural and political importance.However,In the course of preparing this paper i have to re-examine the purpose of the Fifa world cup scheme all over again and grasp wikipedia for it original intention.

    According to Wikipedia, The FIFA World Cup was first held in 1930, when FIFA president Jules Rimet decided to stage an international men’s football tournament. The inaugural edition, held in
    1930 , was contested as a final tournament of only thirteen teams invited by the organization. Since then, the World Cup has experienced successive expansions and format remodeling to its current 32-team final tournament preceded by a two-year qualifying process, involving over 200 teams from around the world.I read further on the wikipedia website and i learnt that the beauty of the World Cup is that while thirty-two countries get to cheer for their respective teams, the event also affirms a global pluralism – it is as much a festival of cultural multiplicity as it is a competition featuring some of the best athletes in the world.Having read this in view.Now,let delve into africans perception on this great tournament and our stand presently.

    You would agree with me that since inception no african countrys have ever been crown the champion of world cup while cameroon remains the first african country to reach the Quarter final after beating Argentina in the opening game.This remains the highest point african countrys ever attained as we are always been knocked out at the group stage.Notwithstanding, we have the talent required to effectively challenge the top nations in Europe for the diadem but i still see no hope in the nearest future if we fail to make drastic change in the point about to be highlighted below.

    Firstly,African players approaches and embraces this tournament with lack of commitment,alacrity and mediocrity as they are not really dedicted to the onerous motivate of crowning this trophy.They only participate with the intention of getting unanonymously famous without leaving a legacy in the world of football and even feel soar after loses.Compare to world stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who plays with great alacrity and always striving to make record on the pitch and the duo are not always happy if a match comes to an end without making history.Hardly surprising, this are the set of players african continent still fail to produce.Initially,This was supposed to be the tournament in which Egypt changed their lamentable World Cup record, in part because of what was supposedly a weak group and in part because they boast one of the world’s best players.However you look at it, Mohamed Salah dominated Egypt’s campaign – ultimately scoring seven, and assisting two, of the 10 goals they scored both in qualifying and in Russia. It was painfully obvious to the fans how much he would be missed when a shoulder injury sustained in the Champions League final ruled him out of the first game against Uruguay.In his absence, forward Marwan Mohsen – one goal in 23 internationals – looked an inadequate replacement.Even if Salah had been fully fit it is questionable how far the Pharaohs – at their first World Cup in 28 years – would have gone because of costly defensive errors.

    Secondly,African nations do not stick to one coach for a long period of time.This is a sort of african mentality to do the qualifiers with some coaches, and when the World Cup comes, they change to have bigger names and then, they recruit a coach for two, three months and when the World Cup finish, they send him back. It’s an African particularity to have that kind of commitment.This problem which affects the results on the pitch.

    Lastly,African nations fails to build confidence in the minds of their players.As a result of this they lack the tactics to attack world class players because they are always nursing the fear of not been dribbled or penalize for a foul.When would this impression last?When would gender equality manifest in the minds of this players?A vivid illustration was the match between Nigeria and Argentina in the on going competition,the defender in position of attacking and clearing the ball away from Messi wasn’t bolstered in the closing stages and as a result led to the first goal.What a great lose!.In addition,going into the tournament, there were high hopes Africa could build on its display in Brazil in 2014 when two teams – Nigeria and Algeria – reached the second round for the first time.Instead, a continent will be wondering where it went wrong as its 15 games resulted in 10 defeats, two draws and just three wins.So what is to blame: bad luck, VAR, or a lack of flair?

    In the every end,African nations must come together in redeeming this feat if truly we would be challenging those white lords in the nearest future.We have to really be orientating and elavating our players.Also, we must get right the meaning of world cup,making use of the experienced and capable ones ,abolishing all sort of racism and not just only featuring without making impact.

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