Through the storm of life

Through the storm of life

Through the storm of life

I write to talk about the storm of life
Yes, a heavy one
One which could blow away
Its victim if they are not strong enough to withstand it
I have been around the scholars
While I was just a struggling student

I have been around the ones with cash
While I was very broke without even a coin
I have been around the A’s students
While I was dashed C’s
I have been around people with who they love
Cuddling, joking and happy with each other
While I was being denied my love
He doesn’t feel strongly about it

I have been around people
Who doesn’t know what it means to be verbally attacked
Emotionally abused, lashed on
While I found myself in it with no one to rescue me
With no one to believe me

I have been around professionals
While I was just an amateur
I have been around people we aim for certain things together
They got what they wanted while I couldn’t achieve mine

I have passed through challenges
Where being strong is the only option
Where I cried and console myself
No one to help me out
I conquered it all myself

I have never been jealous of anyone
Instead I strive to be better
Because my tomorrow must be better than today
Instead they wonder why I am happy
They wonder what keep me going
This is because I deserve to be happy
After going through the storm of life

I am very sure everyone
At one stage or the other
Had also passed through this stage of life
Keep moving and always make yourself happy
Never be blown away by the storm of life


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