“Wait until you have a brand that needs a couple of graphics designs to put it on a global scale then you will understand why Canva is the entrepreneur’s best friend.”
Canva is fast becoming one of the best easy-to-use design apps. It is a design web-based program created for non-designers who wish to start designing but have little or no design skills meaning that they cannot use the advanced design programs.
Its features include more than a hundred ready-made templates for all kinds of graphics and illustrations, a good number of preloaded fonts, images, frames, icons and other design elements. The graphics templates could be used for all types of creation from eBooks to workbooks to printables and so on. Canva can be likened to a drag and drop designer and because it is very easy to use, entrepreneurs use it to put their business on the global map.
There are numerous reasons Canva is regarded as the entrepreneur’s best friend and some are highlighted below:
Reducing workloads on professional designers
In the words of Karen J. Summerson, an editor for the Strategic Communications Development unit at Entrepreneur Organization’s Octane Magazine, she said, “We have limited designers and are not trained designers ourselves. We needed a user-friendly tool that incorporated our Pantone colours and logos to create professional-looking designs, which we could use on our social media accounts.” The solution to their problem later came in the form of Canva Pro and so far, it has helped them share the huge amounts of design workload.

Design is an integral part of Social Media Marketing but high cost charged by professional designer shy entrepreneurs away from getting the designs their brand needs. With Canva however, they can create and make beautiful designs for themselves with no charges. By utilizing the Canva kit, entrepreneurs can even maintain a specific design tone that will be consistent with their brand and can be easily accessible to them any time.

In comparison with Photoshop
Both apps are great and different in their ways. Still, both are for image and graphics editing. Features are what makes a user choose one platform over another and when it comes to design; Photoshop has an unwavering amount of features with no shortage. Photoshop has more features than Canva and there is a possibility that you cannot use all the features.

In Conclusion, as an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, even as a blogger, writer or any other gigs you might venture in. You would require the services of a professional designer and unless you have someone bankrolling you, do not think of hiring a professional designer.
Canva is available to meet all of your design needs and in fact, it is a matter of, “As you lay your bed, so you lie on it” because instead of a professional designer putting elements of designs together to gift you an appropriate design, you are the one behind the screen making the perfect design for yourself.

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