Dross Autobiography

Dross Autobiography

There is no gainsaying that the social media has brought to the world a common medium for thoughts, words and expressions; unfortunately, it has not been without some detrimental effects. These have outweighed its benefits with regular improvement in technology over the years.

With no iota of doubt, the coming of the internet social media to be precise has been of great help to man’s existence on earth but in recent years it is pathetic and saddening that one of man’s greatest innovation, social media, has brought lots of implications with it because of the way people utilize it. As sarcastic and weird as it may sound, it is the truth.

Now and then, we see people upload and divulge sensitive information about themselves, friends, family on social media giving little or no concern to the consequences of their action. Little do they know that as social media serve as a means of connecting them to people, it also can be used as a weapon of self-destruction depending on our use of it.
Though learned, only a few people take cognizance of the fact that our impetuous use of social media could have a deteriorating effect on our lifestyle hence we should be mindful of what we relate to people most especially when playing judge or giving our opinions on issues, most especially sentimental issues.

Also, Social media is a public forum; the words we say are public. When we leave comments or post anything online, then we are willingly stating our views, positions, opinions, views, belief and personal discretion publicly.
If we shamelessly backbite then it is equal to telling the world that we are backbiters likewise if we openly report our ills without caution, then we are also telling the world that we are sinners. Though held in ransom by our ills, we should not be comfortable washing our dirty linen in public, that itself is ill; likewise, it depicts a lack of modesty. Concerning the public, when we publicize things to people in an impulsive manner, we hand them license to give opinions about us which is bad and whose effect is complicating.

For all its benefits, social media can also be a great source of spreading immoralities, as people tend to divulge their sexual escapades on the net. Even the internet has lost count of the number of homes that have broken as a great number of marriages end up being threatened by the involvement of one or both spouses in risky online activities.

Another impetuous use of social media revolves around a quixotic ideal. Often, when following people on social media we act foolishly and behave ignorantly forgetting how blessed we are. We see our friends posting smiling selfies at exotic locations and brag about their professional and personal accomplishments, and we start thinking that our lives do not measure up.

In summary, we should always remember that for all the deeds we perform on earth be it on social media or in the real world, some younger kids are looking up to us as role models and it is a question of what type of future we are building for our society.

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