An Experience I Will Never Forget

An Experience I Will Never Forget

11:30pm, June 3, 2020.

I and my friend, who sleep has taken us to itself jumped from our bed hurriedly, as we heard the quick and several beats on our door. It was loud and depicted that of an emergency. As if all I had experienced in the morning at my work place wasn’t enough. When the CEO of our company and his next-in-command had a serious feud, abusing each other concurrently. The only thing the fight which lasted for about twenty minutes didn’t hold was physical touch. We tried to get them calm after minutes with the Hadith that says: “don’t get angry.” They listened and departed but kept chanting abusive words while being fierce-full. Because it was the fight of the elders, it was the elders themselves that resolved it. The next-in-command was the one that went to the CEO to say sorry, and that resolved it all.

Coming with the serious beat, was the bellow of the son of the woman that occupied the room opposite ours.

“Please help me! It’s my mother! please! Ẹ gbami! Please help me! The boy kept ranting.

We opened our door and stepped into the corridor. I was taken aback when I saw the mother lying unconsciously on the floor with the two hands and legs apart. White foamy liquid is popping out from her mouth and the nose is discharging mucus, which was already all over her nose.

I started wondering what could have happened to a woman that asked me for our power prepaid bill the same morning. My friend claimed to have bought the biscuit he ate that evening from her shop, she would go early in the morning before 7am and left after 10pm before the outbreak of Coronavirus, the same day. It wasn’t the time for any thought, it was time for action.

She was still making sounds of difficult breathing, which may be due to the mucus already filling her nostrils. We ran outside to join his son who was shouting relentlessly on the street, calling for help for her moribund mother, while running helter-skelter. Our room and hers are the only one the occupants are present. The owner of the other five rooms weren’t at home.

We joined the boy and rushed towards the small private hospital rightly opposite our house, without any reply from them. We called out our landlord who’s living in a storey building beside ours. He replied after three serious consecutive calls and came out frightened. He asked if we had contacted the hospital which we affirmed to. Ignoring the fact that we’ve been there, he went there and gave their door serious knock.

A woman came out of the building and said they had no doctor on ground. She claimed there was no even oxygen, which the woman needed. The only option left was to take her to another hospital. The one closest to us is few meters away. We needed a vehicle to lift her there. But, it was already dark when everyone would be resting for the day’s job. A woman has a car in the house beside the small hospital, but, her mother claimed she doesn’t drive in the night.

While they were doing that, I was supporting the woman who was partially undressed, sitting on the floor, while her head was bending sideway; marking unconsciousness. I was told to call her name out loudly, tapping her in the back, which I did.

It was a man that gave his car to take her to hospital. We rushed her in as quick as we could. The moribund mother, her son, the driver and our landlord were in the car that carted her to the hospital. We went back in, filled with fear and anxiety. We wondered what could have happened to the same woman my friend bought something from few hours ago.

2:35am June 4, 2020.

Someone knocked the main door to the house to which my friend went to open. It was the son. He came to their room and took something. He was already running out when we asked how her condition is. He replied with something I’m not sure that was what he meant. I asked my friend what he said.

He replied gently, while his eyes were filled with pity: “He said she’s dead.”

I didn’t believe my ears. Is that how people die?


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