We Just Have to Calm Down

We Just Have to Calm Down

Frustration, provocation, degradation and humiliation are what several youths tackle today from their parents and the community. These result from the boys who have taken several illegal steps and accumulated filthy wealth by spamming innocent people and diverting their hard-earned wealths to their pockets. They are the group of adolescents we call Yahoo boys, or recently call Benefit boys.

They have made living a misery for other focused, hardworking youths that they make them appear lazy, dull and misfortuned. They have made it difficult for a boy to demand food fee from his parents, when his mates are already driving luxurious cars, using the most expensive mobile phones, have their mother’s mate as girlfriend and even give their parents from the dirty ‘welt’.

They’ve made seeking knowledge appear a waste of time, and discourage those bustling to learn. Price of wears and house rental, among others, of the common men, have been hiked since the sellers know some folks are somewhere who pay lavishly for simplest material they buy from their undeserved money. They have separated juvenile relationships as they use money as bait to get the girls, who are also full of greed and are materialists, to yes them out of thirst for cash. They bully anyone that comes their way and leave without getting punished back. They’re replacing the south with the north already.

What should we do in the eyes of all these as a striving youth? We just need to calm down. Note that I didn’t say SIT DOWN, I said CALM DOWN. What we should carry in our heart is that there’s something we call destiny and it has been written by our Creator millenniums before our existence. If you and I will own a luxurious car and live in a classic home, it won’t come with so much stress that we will be amazed that it even happened. We don’t need to step from an oracle room to another, deny people of the wealth they earned in sweats, or take any illegal route before we get what we’ve been written to get. All we need to do is keep striving on the right path and praying. If you want to read, read. If you want to learn acquisition skills, do so and keep praying to the Almighty.

Why do you think some of the boys get caught and incarcerated on the first ‘client’ he wanted to spam? Because he’s not destined to get the money. Those that make money from that source would have made same money from another way if only they were patient. Just don’t stay idle, and pray for blessings.

They may appear to be living a happy life, but the truth is that they aren’t. Their life is full of fears! Fear of not getting caught, fear of not losing their pride, fear of not decreasing in wealth; a lot of fears. Don’t get carried away by the outlook; it’s a matter of the running clock – it will soon fadeout.

And for the pressure from some parents? Let them know what those guys do and what ends it. No true parent will want to lose his/her fruit to cell. They all want to be replaced by children they can can theirs. Let them know that those wealths will soon fadeout in a little time. And if they persist? Call your community leader or clerk to admonish them. Let the community rant, let that silly girl go, let them keep pointing the lazy finger at you. They will soon be shut. If they’re not shut by your success, they will be shut by their failure – which is sure.

You will get to where ever on earth you’re destined to get. Just calm down and don’t sit down. Pray. And it shall be well.


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