A Happy Ending With GCE 106

A Happy Ending With GCE 106

We kept looking at the diagram, which now seemed like a dancing tree with unbalanced branches. It was the diagram of a neuron but we couldn’t make any sense out of it, let alone draw it well. We would be having the test the following week, so we had to deal with the scary course somehow. I managed to have the lowest credit in Biology in WAEC. I didn’t even write Agricultural Science examination. She, on the other hand, knew and passed Biology very well but she no longer needed it, she had thought. As a result, she probably erased it from her memory. “I don’t know how Biology is connected with Counselling now. Ah! Anyway, all is well.”, I managed to say to her after a long battle with GCE 106 notes.
“Abi… We’ll be fine laslas sha.”, she said typically. We decided to rest for the day and promised to meet up the following day.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I was disturbed. It was unlike me to find a course that strange. I needed to do something. If not, we would meet up again the following day and nothing would have changed.

I brought out the lecture notebook and crosschecked it with the course outlines that was given to us at the beginning of the semester. I missed some classes because they usually clashed with an English course that I borrowed from Faculty of Arts. Attending Poetry class wasn’t even a guarantee that it’d be understood, so I skipped GCE 106 class for it many times. 

After confirming that I had copied all the missed notes from my usual rescuer, Funmibi, I brought out my jotter and wrote the day’s date at the top corner of it. Writing date whenever I needed to write something inside my notebook or jotter had become a ritual. I highlighted all the topics that had been taught in the class and downloaded from Google, materials that related to most of them. I then opened the English Dictionary application on my phone, as well as my internet connection. I was ready for a battle.

I studied each topic carefully, checking the downloaded materials for more and better understanding and also made use of the Dictionary application judiciously. For whichever concept that seemed abstract and non relatable to me, I watched YouTube videos and most times, got what I wanted. Like a miracle, I was answering past questions on neurons, neurotransmitters and other related topics. The day before, I couldn’t even understand the questions, let alone answer them. 


“Wait oo, Waliyyah. Did miracle happen overnight? Or were you pretending not to know it yesterday?” She was still trying to understand how I could explain the concepts to her that well. She wouldn’t believe that I had understood the course so much that I had even granted an appointment with some of our class mates to tutor them on the course in preparation for the test the following week. In order to save her from wondering, I said, “Wòó ọ̀rẹ́, knowing that the course is a prerequisite for GCE 205 and 306, we can’t afford to have a bad relationship with it at the beginning. I simply created enough time and deep connection with it and it seems like we’re going to live happily ever after.” 

At the end of the semester, I had the best score, which was eighty-one percent, in the course.

We did live happily ever after! 

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  1. In deed it was an happily ever after. Nice piece, I can relate😂😂 some courses will be like, we are tied together. And you can’t run away from them but only for you to build a connection with them.

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