He is my uncle. I call him Abū (father in Arabic). Take it or leave it, he is the most gentle man, the most patient husband and the most understanding father that I have ever seen. I love him so much and to anyone who cares to listen, I always get to talk about an uncle who raised me with love and without judgement.

This is supposed to be an appreciation letter but all that I want to do is sing his praise to all. Well, let me wait for another chance to properly compose your song of praise. Abū, this is for you…

Dear father,

~ thank you for bringing me to the ACADEMY. Among all that you’ve done for me, it was the greatest. Remove the last twelve years from my life and it’s indefinable. The concise definition that my life has today, you gave it to me;

~ thank you for loving me endlessly, even when I was too clueless to notice it;

~ thank you for providing all my school needs, even when I told it late. I remember always talking about a needed school material or materials only a night before. At worst cases, I didn’t open up until the morning when they were needed. You must be a psychologist to have had such a deep parenting knowledge and understanding back then;

~ when I was too overwhelmed to explain myself, thank you for trusting me regardless;

~ for always smiling at me after the long, tired day, thank you Abū. Even now that I am older, the smiles reappear when I need them the most;

~ for talking to me softly and gently, even I was thoughtless and naughty, thank you;

~ for showing me off when I did well in school or modrasah, thank you father;

~ for always listening to my side of the story, thank you Abū;

~ for never giving up on me, I am forever grateful;

~ for the listening ears, I enjoyed the most. You never got tired of my story, I remember. In Junior School, you were the only person that I could freely talk to. I would not even talk to myself (Lol). My extroversion was first in town, but you dealt with it without judging me.

Appreciating you will take me forever, Abū. Just wait a bit longer for me. Your daughter will make the wait worth it, God’s willing. Thank you so much and I love you Abū.

Your dear daughter,

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  1. Thank you Abu,even with the fear of the unknown,you saved a soul for Allah.You have indeed raised a generation
    History will never forget you for what you’ve done sir.

  2. You too should be thanked for able to identify the mercy of Allah on you through your father /uncle, You shall be more greater in life by Allah Rahmon Thank you for being able to appreciate your father

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