Dear Me

Dear Me

Dear Laitan,

My name is Waliyyah Abdulwasii. You know me quite well. I know you too very much. Writing is the most expensive activity for me. You could say that I am stingy when it comes to writing and that’s why I hardly write to admire people, despite how easily I do in my mind. In short, the admiration forever stays in my thought.

Essentially, one thing is to admire someone, another is to tell it to him or her. Girl, I admire you a lot and I’m willing to tell it.

First of all, I love the fact that you have a beautiful heart, which second name is gold. Some of the evidences of that beauty include your humility which can melt a heart and which does melt my heart; your kindness which excites the mind of its recipients; and your smile which contagiousness is unstoppable.

I am always amazed at how much you believe in your strength and will. How you belittle life inevitables just to safeguard your mental health; how you understate the difficulty of a course in order to counter it; and how you say “it’s not as hard as it seems” to your colleagues so that you could escape a depressing experience often makes we wonder. You never really give up, do you?

I love how you love yourself. To you, everything that is connected to you is beautiful and enough. You are the complete opposite of the young me. You believe in the sufficiency of your family, physique and ability. I have witnessed a lot of times how you describe your ‘dear little brother’ with passion. From you, I got to know that he is the most handsome, intelligent and well behaved boy that exists on planet earth. Your mother is not like any other and your fathers are of rare breeds, so is your firm belief. How more can a girl love herself and life?

I admire your courage. I am a witness to that too. You wrote, even when no one was reading; you liked your posts when no one ever liked them; and you even spoke when no one cared to listen. You didn’t stop until someone started to read; you continued until people began to like; and you went on and eventually got some listeners. What a brave girl you are!

Even though your passion is weird, I adore it. Who, in the world takes loving God’s creatures as a passion? You must be the only living person that does. Your rare taste probably has a role in my admiration of you. I stumbled on your diary and found a note on your passion. You love God’s creatures, especially human beings and animals. It is weird because no one can live without fighting people and killing animals for safety, survival or need. You wrote that you love them regardless. I agree with this unpopular passion of yours because it is evident in your life. You write to inspire people, make them laugh and learn; founded an initiative that helps others live better lives; and aspire to become an adolescent psychologist to help adolescents, parents and teachers alike become better individuals. You also love animals and always wish that their survival doesn’t have to depend on human needs or safety. Am I also weird to have really admired you for that?

I especially appreciate you a lot for being a generous forgiver. No wonder that you keep not enemies but acquaintances. I marvel at how much you give excuses for people’s behaviours. You always have psychological explanations for the reason why someone acts the way he does and how it may not totally be his fault. No wonder that you have less headache and keep more friends.

If I get to ask you only one question, I’d love to know how and where you got your intelligence from. Since you’re an expert at explaining people’s actions, I’d probably get a vivid explanation for what you feed your brain with. Do you probably communicate with it on what to do and when to do it? A remote control is probably somewhere near that brain of yours. Even though you’re me, it’s a question that I’d probably not be able to answer. So, I’d rather continue with my habit – admiring you.


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  1. The basics of loving others begins with loving thyself. No wonder your passion is loving other creatures. Obviously, your love bank for yourself is filled enough to generously go around. Keep putting you first. No one ever gave to others what they lacked.

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