Remember Me.

Remember Me.

“I told you to remember me. I promised to find you, no matter what and that until then, you should remember me. You have a birth mark on your forehead and I do on my left arm. So I was sure that it wouldn’t be hard for us to identify each other. That night, I covered you up with a heap of leaves and ran away to distract them. To my surprise, I didn’t get caught. I earnestly hoped that you would be safe too. I couldn’t come back for you that night but I prayed that you’d be uncaught as well.

I searched for you relentlessly for years and hoping that you’d be alive somewhere, I found a will to live everyday. I vowed to avenge our parents’ death and start a new life, while waiting for you. I never thought that I’d end up dying by your sword.”

“No, you won’t die. I won’t let you.” Noma’s tears were already dropping heavily on Thegi’s body, which was now becoming cold in his arms. “I totally forgot you. I forgot about our parents. I even forgot myself.” Noma was trying hard to put himself together.

“That night, I waited all night for you and in the morning, I came out of the leaves which you used to cover me up. Unfortunately, those that were on our trail left some guards behind. I got captured. They couldn’t waste my life without making me useful, they said. I was made to join their army and supposed to fight for them in the next war, to die as a sacrificial lamb. However, the war got cancelled somehow. So, they continued sparing me for a war that might break out later. After twelve years in the army, I tried to run away but I was caught after twelve hours. I was locked up in a secret cell and tortured for twelve days and in the process, I lost my memory. I forgot who I was and how I got into the army.

Realizing that I wouldn’t remember anything before the torture, they decided to use my forgetting against me and for themselves. They told me that I answered a different name and I was fed with lies about how I became a loner in this world. Two months ago, I was assigned to the case of the notorious Night Courier who collected valuables from the rich and gave them to the needy in the community. The order was to kill without mercy. I never knew that he was my brother. They must know since they warned me not to disclose my face to you as it might make it more difficult to track you down. Had I not forgot you! Had I not tried to run away!”

Thegi had stopped crying. “If anything, I am glad that we met again. I can die in peace now.” Noma found the smile of his elder brother very scary and tried to lift him up to get help. Thegi’s hands unwillingly fell back to the ground. He had died. Noma was angry and ready for a war.

“They used my forgetting against me. Now, I will use it against them. I’ll pretend to still be clueless about my past, get into them and eventually destroy them. Brother, rest well now while I get revenge for you and our parents.” 

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  1. I love this🥰🥰🥰
    It has many similarities with one of my movies.
    More data to your phone😍😍😍

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