Rich worker; Poor worker

Rich worker; Poor worker

“Abegi! Course kọ́ọ̀, course niì. You no even get shame. You dey earn just eighty thousand for month and you still dey commot out of it to pay for one yẹ̀yẹ́ online course. You no go feed your family?”

One would think that Bayo and Kamal were illiterates with the manner in which they usually communicated with each other, especially whenever they were alone. As friends, they usually teased and playfully abused each other in pidgin English. They spoke in British English only when they became serious or when other workers were around. It was their usual conversation and Kamal had suggested that they both enrolled for an online course on financial management. Bayo wasn’t displeased because of the six thousand naira that would be involved. He was more angry because Kamal earned forty thousand naira lesser than he did and still wanted to take out of it for an online class. He had known Kamal to always take ‘unwarranted online courses’ as he always called it but that particular one was out of place, he thought. Nothing he said would make Kamal change his mind, so he gave up after letting him know that he would never be a part of his money wasting business.

“Ha! You wan use all the remaining money for your account take invest abi wetin you call am? You wan turn to shop landlord! Heèéé, I don get this one friend oo.” That time around, Kamal wanted to use his two years savings to buy four newly built shops in a row. He said that it was a highly populated community but with very few shops around. Even when he said that he had taken care of the basic expenses of his household, Bayo still thought that it was an unwise decision for a husband and father of three. In Bayo’s words, he said, “I have already saved one million, two hundred thousand naira in my account within the three years that I have worked for this company. You don’t even have up to a million naira and you want to…” He stopped and made a face of surprise. He gave up. He knew that Kamal would not listen still.

“O ga oo. My friend, my friend. I no mind say make I resign for my office com dey work for your company oo. Shoo… Abi you sef no reason am? Help my ministry, abeg.” Bayo was teasing his friend and former coworker again. Kamal just smiled as he always did at his friend’s funny talks. He said, “You sef… Shebi dey don raise your salary. E don reach seven years wey you don dey work for dem, so e dey expected. Why u go com resign? You no need am abeg.”

“You go talk so since you don get company and different sources of income. E be like say me sef go try invest in real estate oo. Your success na enough proof. Show me the way nah, ọ̀rẹ́ mi.” It was the first time that he would agree with Kamal’s opinion on investment. He had always condemned all his actions, emphasising on how lesser he earned than him.

“Before anything, I’ll lend you a book. What you’re simply asking of me is to help you gain financial freedom. For that, you need knowledge about money for a start. I wish that you had taken those online courses with me then.”, Kamal said seriously. No wonder that he didn’t speak in pidgin.

Bayo replied him seriously too. He said, “No problem, my friend. I’m ready to learn about money.” 

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