Thank You for the Gift of You, Àbákẹ́.

Thank You for the Gift of You, Àbákẹ́.

Happy birthday my darling sister, friend, confidant, aunt, guardian, teacher, motivator, inspirer, cheerer and mother. Even though my love for you cannot be totally expressed in words, I won’t fail to try. 

I won’t be surprised if you’ve been thinking thus: “Waliyyah is busy; that’s why she didn’t remember my birthday.”

That’s how you always do, giving me excuses, even when I don’t sometimes merit it. But sis, I’m sorry to disappoint you this time around: Yes, I’m busy, but not to the point of forgetting you, my priceless jewel. 

Would you believe it when I say that I’m writing while repeatedly wiping the tears that are disobeying my desperate orders to stop falling? I blame the tears not, for they are created for times like this.

A lot of times, I do mention the fact that removing some people’s or gatherings’ existence in my life will amount to almost nothing beautiful. However, I cannot imagine removing the years that we’ve been and spent together from my life. It’s almost meaningless, ugly and unreasonable without you. Is it even imaginable? 

Is there even an aspect of my life that you don’t have a touch or leave a trace of you in? Is it my career? My passion? My love life? My zealousness? My personality formation? What about the intelligence that ‘they’ talk about? My doggedness? My spirituality? My aspirations? You’re the perfect example of one’s everything! 

You remember a time when I mentioned entering your kitchen when everyone was asleep, to jot down every single item/piece in it so that I could get the same for mine? Indeed, it happened so. In short, of my life, you’re at every corner. Yet, you never get lost!

Sis mi, wallāhi you occupy my thoughts more than you can imagine. When I dream of a beautiful tomorrow, I see you and your family in it. When I enter important possessions in my diary or journal, your name is often written in bold. I don’t think too far before remembering a being that Allaah specifically created to light up my world. Oh, I need a soul to hint me about what I would have done without your presence in my life at the time when I needed it the most! Your arrival was calculative, timely, and significant.

You gave me a family that I never really had; you gave me sisters that I might never have got to have; you gave me an insight into proper living while learning yourself; you gave me the opportunity to discover, recover and rediscover; you opened up on your mistakes for me to learn from; you give it all, not only when I ask; you gave me a second chance to living and living well. 

Oh, the tears are still flowing. Why am I still this emotional? It’s probably because I miss you very much more than ever. I didn’t even know that I won’t be with you on this day. It’s the first time in ten years to be gone so far away from you and it’s been significantly uneasy. No matter how beautiful the environment is, it’s not so easy without hearing your son call my name; it’s not very fancy not having to talk to you physically for days. Now I know why I couldn’t sleep at my place for many days without returning to yours. 

Plans change; schedules change but the love I have for you won’t ever change. 

Sis mi, I can’t wait for us to meet also in Jannah so that what we share here can be permanent. I wanna be your lil sis forever. I wanna talk and walk with you forever. And most importantly, I want to spend eternity having your family and mine cruising and acting out all my worldly fantasies (because I know that they are so numerous that even if Allaah grants us the privilege to fulfil them, they can never be exhausted, except if this present life is eternal). 

I Am Proud of You, Babe! 

I am proud of everything that you do, for they are always beautiful, inspiration-filled and impacting. I love the idea of letting the world know of ‘my sister’ who is the most special of them all. Now you know why I tell about ‘my precious sister’ to everyone who cares to listen. I so comfortably say to all how ‘my sister is this’, and ‘my sister is that’ as though your name gan-an gan-an is ‘my sister’😂. More people have met you in their imaginations through my usual descriptions of ‘my sister’ more than they have in real life. Don’t be surprised when someone stops you on the road to ask if you’re ‘Waliyyah’s sister’. Don’t expect them to call you by your name; they don’t even know it. To them, you’re just ‘my sister’🙈😄. 

I’m proud of what you’re ‘doing’ the world of parenting. As alwayz, you’re phenomenal; and Mu’aadh and your unborn children are just so lucky to get to call a being like you, their mother. 

Thank you for being true;  
Thank you for being my sister; 
Thank you for being my mother; 

Thank you for teaching me; for correcting me with love and showing me the way and light. 

Thank you for loving me in a way that I didn’t get to be loved. 

Thank you for letting me stay in your heart and life.

Thank you for letting me use you for revision while I recounted all that happened before, during and after all my lectures. I missed describing my lecturers, courses, outlines, friends, roommates, and all happenings in school to you while I watched you listen without losing interest for as long as I talked. I was always full of life while ‘disturbing’ you with my gists. You ever listened without whining! It happened every single time like that! I love the fact that you know every single lecturer that has taught me before (even in English department where I minored); you even know how they all look (courtesy of my descriptive ability, coupled with your high imaginative capability). You know all my roommates and almost all members of my class. I wonder what kind of person listens that much. Who are you sef? A-sent-Angel, I’m sure.

Thank you for gifting me a beautiful life; the type that I have never even seen in movies before. 

Thank you for helping me dream of becoming an exceptional mother; a ‘different’ parent. You make me joyfully await the arrival of my jewels🙈. 

Thank you for letting me learn from your humanly mistakes; thank you for being open and helpful.

Thank you for those sacrifices. 

Thank you for not giving up on me; on us.

Thank you for teaching me when others laughed. 

Thank you for loving and liking my ideas when others whined. 

Thank you for noticing when others overlooked.

Thank you for making it easy for me to dream and thrive.

Thank you for always fighting and rooting for me, when I’m there or not. 

Thank you for always waiting to hear my side of the story.

Thank you for loving all that concerns me. 

Thank you for being ‘Alwayz Shakaro’. 

And for the “thumps ups” and the cheers, I can never exhaust my gratitude. 

Thank you for everything! 

Thank you for the gift of you, My Angel😍❤.

Your lil sis,

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  1. I can’t stop crying sis. 😭😭😭😭

    Don’t kill me with tears joor. Thank you for sharing those moments with me😍😍😍🤗😭😭. I miss us. I miss you.
    Some connection just can’t get to be explained. Ours is one of such. I don’t even love any of my biological siblings as much as a love you! Thanks to faith bringing us together. I pray we continue till Jannah.

    Indeed, love is something of the heart. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    My eyes and nose are competing already. All thanks to your epistle for letting them compete genuinely. I love you and will always will. Jazakakumullahu khayran for this.

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