You May Remember Tomorrow.

You May Remember Tomorrow.

You may remember tomorrow. So, rest for today.

To her, it was a literal tomorrow. To her husband, Seun, it was a figuratively used tomorrow.

She managed to shut her eyes and adjusted her head which was now as empty as when she first opened her eyes into the world thirty years before.

Few hours later, she felt a painful sensation inside her head and struggled to open the involuntary tightened eyes which was already filled with liquid that was waiting for the most appropriate moment to escape. She won. Her eyes were opened. She rolled her wetted eyeballs to gain proper view of those that were beside her bed.

Who are you and whose baby is this?“, she managed to ask with great effort.
I am your husband and this is your baby, our baby. You gave birth to him three months ago.” Seun was prepared for many questions. Amidst all, those were the most expected ones. He saw the ignorant look on his wife’s face and quickly added, “Don’t worry Honey, you may remember tomorrow. For now, you should feed your starved baby.

Irenitemi sucked on the breast like an hungry adult in baby’s skin. If she had not been told that he was her baby, she could have been able to tell that it was the first time that Irenitemi would be having a taste of breast milk. He eventually slept off, holding the breast tight with his tiny lips. He wouldn’t let go of it until ‘the mother’ carefully released it from his mouth and laid him in his cot beside her bed to sleep peacefully. If a baby could snore, Irenitemi would have, judging from how peaceful he slept.

His name is Irenitemi. You adored the name so much that you sang with it whenever he cried.” Seun explained without being asked. He was ready to answer all her asked and silent questions. It was out of both love and empathy. If it would bring back her happiness and end her sorrow, Seun didn’t mind telling some lies to Sewa.

He would do more for her. She was a woman who couldn’t leave her husband, despite his slim chance of fathering a child. Four years of wait paid off when Sewa finally bore a healthy boy for him. Everyday was celebration until Ire died of a heart problem six weeks after his birth. It was not less expected that Sewa would become a living ghost who fell at the slightest physical stimulus.

That fateful day, the fall was the worst of all since it was caused by a much harder object. She had hit her head on the wall before landing it on the hard floor.

She forgot everything. “It is a severe case of amnesia because she was physically and mentally unstable before the fall.” The Doctor had said to Seun, who continuously stared at the inscription: “If she is surrounded by love and gets genuine happiness, her chances of recovery are high…” that was written on the health report that he was holding.

Love…happiness…“, he kept saying the words as if their pronunciation would have a special effect. “Only Irenitemi can give her those two things, but he is no more. Only if I could give her Irenitemi back…” He was lost in thought.

Yes!” He remembered something and rushed out of the hospital premises. 

      ***     ***     ***    

Irenitemi will turn four tomorrow. I am so delighted. How I wish that I could remember my first gaze at him as a day old baby…” She never stopped wishing at any time she got to talk about her son’s childhood memory with her.

Darling, you may remember tomor…
I know.” She cut in.
She was used to the words that came afterwards each time she wished for the recovery of her memory, mostly because of Irenitemi.

She continued. “And I may not. But that’s fine. As long as iremi is not taken away from me, I am okay with living in oblivion forever.

Her husband heaved a sigh of relief. The words about the adoption might forever be unnecessary. He no longer had to sing his usual song – you may remember tomorrow. They would continue to live happily, while showering endless love on their Ire.

Sewa may remember tomorrow. She may not. 

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