Proper care for panties

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If cleanliness is next to godliness then what do we say about uncleanliness?. Uncleanliness is definitely next to the devil. Cleanliness and hygiene are applied in different areas of life of which one very common area is personal life. Personal hygiene is the most important application of hygiene, if you can’t properly take care of yourself and things connected to you, what else can you possibly keep clean in this world. There are many people out there who always appear fine and all classy from a distance but when you come closer to them, the smell they emanate can take a soul straight to hell while others when you get to their home and room, you won’t believe these seemingly beautiful and fine people live in the midst of germs.


Personal hygiene is one way to a healthy and long life and today we will be looking at one area of person hygiene which is care for underwear, pant more specifically and also the private part. So many girls out there do not take proper care of the underwear and this can lead to a lot of health issues which are accompanied by great discomfort. Without further ado, let’s look at some tips to ensure proper care of pants


When you want to buy pants, cotton pants are the best, they are very absorbent and allow the vagina to breathe thus preventing certain yeast infections.


Don’t wear one pant two days in a row, use at least one pant per day or even more, try to change your pants when they are wet either from discharge or droplets of urine.


Try sleeping without pants (going commando). There’s nothing wrong with going commando, it allows the vagina to get air after been covered all day. If you do not have any infection then it’s not so necessary to sleep without panties but if you do have an infection then sleeping without pants will do you a lot of good.


Do not wear a particular pant for more than a year. Changing your panties every year is very healthy, I know you wash your panties every year still, you should change them every year thank goodness they are not so expensive.


When washing your panties, do them separately, do not mix with other clothes. And in case you have an infection, do not wash the panties you wore while with the infection with the ones you wore without the infection. After washing, sun drying is perfect because it helps to kill bacteria.

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