COVID-19 Advent: The scramble for Technological solutions

COVID-19 Advent: The scramble for Technological solutions

Corona Virus (COVID-19) started out as an epidemic in Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China, and hurriedly fostered into a pandemic which brought the world to its knees. Social interactions, schools, commercial activities, religious activities, transnational and diplomatic activities – everything that involves human dealings was disrupted, if not totally grounded.

As an expected corollary of grounding of economy activities, countries’ economy tanked, jobs were lost, companies went defunct. As though all these aren’t grievous enough, the virus left more than one million deaths (yeah, you read that right!) in its wake.

The scramble for Technology

The outbreak of COVID-19 caused the scramble for technological solution, most especially in Africa. Owing to movement restriction during the pandemic, people were forced to go virtual. Technological ways of solving problems which were hitherto unexploited or under-exploited – due to lack of trust and other germane reasons – were heavily depended upon. The efficacy of these technological means were witnessed first-hand.

People marketed their products online than never and equally made huge sales. Seminars, workshops were held virtually. Hard-driving schools also jumped on the virtual bus and continued their activities.

The greatest testimony to the transition of the world to the virtual realm is the evident wealth increase of some technological entrepreneurs during the stay-at-home period. In fact, to be factual, Business Insider reported that Elon Musk wealth tripled during the pandemic.

The only notion that can supplant the wealth increase of tech entrepreneurs as supreme testimony is the sudden popularity of meeting apps among people. A typical example is the zoom App built by Eric Yuan: This app has long been in existence but made its way to limelight during the peak moment of the pandemic. So also are Google meet, Jitsi meet, and slack. Slack is an app chiefly for the working community. Companies and industries with workers converge on it for the purpose of communication which is quite effective.

This new-found-love for meeting apps became an eye opener for majority. Some other meeting applications were then built. Design applications, and online video editors to mention but few are part of the tools now devised by people. All or no thanks (depending on your moral perception!) to COVID-19, people have more faith in technology than never before.

Artificial Intelligence is now being used to take care of patients while reducing the workload of staffs. A research revealed this month November shows that AI now helps to detect useful drugs that can be used to treat COVID-19. This is to show that activities never stopped after COVID-19 lockdown but new advancement are being made.

Finally, Technology has greatly evolved within the course of the pandemic. And this has served as a blessing in disguise for most people including myself. It has now made me more passionate about technology than never. Even if I haven’t invented anything specific yet, I am threading an innovative path already and with constant learning and passion, I will make history!

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