Flutterwave: An online payment solution

Flutterwave: An online payment solution


You searched for the best online payment tool for your business. You did not get any. Or, maybe, you got one but it wasn’t perfect. You were dissuaded. You almost gave up. Then (boom!) you stumbled on this write-up. Welcome, you are at the right place! Please, meet the great one: It is the Flutterwave!

It is in the best position to cater for your online payment services. It is a company which manages the product function of receiving payments online, locally and internationally, as well as disbursements (Pay-out). It is not a novice in the technology world; it has been operating in the United State and Africa for over 2years. Its Api has made its way into some countries like the United Kingdom and Zambia for payment processing and electronic remittances.

Flutterwave holds the welfare of its customers to its heart. That’s a top priority it doesn’t trivialise. This enthusiasm to give customers value for their time has manifested in the creation of a webapp called Barter (flutterwave for customers).

This Api is actually designed to see to customer’s issues. It helps customers create instant VISA and MasterCard for everyday International Merchant Payments. It has now even morphed into a mighty app that lets customers pay bills and buy tickets and send money. It can even help you create instant VISA cards! Isn’t this mind-blowing? Would you rather hurry up and meet Barter today?
Another of its product you need to meet is Rave.

It’s an online bank payment Api designed and integrated to solve, majorly, online payment problems that are associated with business transactions. It is now linked to Quickbooks, Sage and Zoho. It has also got a new checkout button in the last quarter of 2018. Its new checkout button is smart and data driven. It’s tailored to suit the needs of both the merchants and customers. A mutually benefitial initiative!

Let’s get down to this. Do you also have a skewed perception that Rave is inferior to Moneywave? Perish that thought! Get this: Rave and Moneywave are awesome products of Flutterwave. In fact, the major and significant features they both perform distinctly make them peculiarly unique. They are both kings in their own right!
In October, Flutterwave successfully completed the series A extension round of financing with investments from Mastercard. It also welcomed former Chairman and CEO of VISA, Joe Saunders, to the Board of editors.
Of course, you could have had a wrong impression about Flutterwave prior to your stumbling on this article. It’s time you jettisoned those misconceptions. I’m sure you now understand Flutterwave operates on a fidelity ground. It benefits customers and accentuates their gains. And this overrides any limitations that may exist.
Flutterwave, being a customer focused brand – a company that earns loyalty and trust. It neither exists for frivolities nor mediocrities. Its consistency has perpetually paid off. One of these was, on the 30th 0f November, when it received the Best Payment Company award at Ghana Electronic commerce awards ceremony! What a great company to work with!

Tocreate an account, visit : www.flutterwave.com

You can simply follow the social media handles for more updates.

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