Why your health is at a great risk

Why your health is at a great risk


Health is known to be a very great priority in the lives of many.

Owing to the fact that street food vendors have been in existence for years, so as population increases, apparently, there is need for survival means. 

Number of food vendors on street and choices of eatables rose as well. Your quick street bite can be a health hazard to you! Yes, it has been a typical scenario most part of the country especially Nairobi and similar places in Lagos like Idumota, CMS where the vicinity is always kept untidy and irritating. 

The unhealthy lifestyle we live is really having a negative effect on our health and thereby leading to several health issues, causing health to deteriorate immensely most especially among youths. 

The so called food vendor on the street is actually causing you more harm than good. These food vendors who parade themselves on the street with boli, cooked corn, sobowo, or perhaps those vendors who maintain  a position on the road side like the suya vendor, roasted corn, chapatti, mandazi and the likes skilfully attract their customers to purchase from them, not being concerned about its hygiene. 

Owing to the hustle of fast-faced life, in cities especially some strategic places in Lagos, and as a result of the hard economic times and struggles, the public find  it easier to purchase and munch these exposed food most especially during  noon and night to battle off the day stress, coupled with those nicely chilled drinks in local bottles. 

Remember that the eatables we consume today is pertinent to our health status in the nearest future. 

Health/safety should be considered the first priority in all ramifications. Those  foods are being exposed to dust on the street, places like Idumota and other similar untidy locations where there are open sewages  and septic tanks in which contaminated water flow on the road. People walk on this highly contaminated sewage and transfer the same dirt to roads, after drying, the dust may be blown to those open roadside food kiosks, and as a result, safety is highly compromised, in short, nothing eaten is safe these days. 

Now to the ready cooked food, money as a legal tender is a paper taken to purchase goods and for acquiring services. One will notice that the regular suya or boli vendor fumbles the money in his both hands for change and that same hand to pick and wrap your nicety. 

How many people do you think handle one piece of note within 24hrs since it left your hand. Some do not even observe basic hygiene standards; this is just a potential source of the liver and intestinal diseases, gastric and cancer. 

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