Toxification in the head

Toxification in the head

Subjected to untamed thoughts, 

Like smokes up the chimney, 

The head is left in distraught,

The heart needs a cine. 


Unstable like the waves of a storm, 

Where did things get to so wrong,

Can things be corrected with stum, 

Stability to a world that is drunk. 


Like a mask of oxygen to inhale purity, 

Into the head filled with lot of toxicity, 

Can a wrong inside be made right outside,

With dangerous thought can good bestride. 


The eyes can be deceiving, 

There is more to what you are seeing, 

It is difficult to understand emotions,

Totally Illogical to judge by expressions.


Serenity replaced with anxiety,

A fortress of peace spreading distress,

Time for rememberance of piety, 

When the mind of man completely restless.

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