I hate it when my phone rings in the morning,especially around 5-6am when I’m having the most heavenly part of my sleep.So you could imagine the anger I felt when it rang this morning. To worsen matters sef,it was an unknown number.

“Hello” I rudely answered

“Good morning,is this Abyzou ??” A lovely voice on the other line said.

“Yes,how may I help you?” “Please I’ll need you to write me a 500 word article on voter sensitization,I’ll need it today,pls I don’t have mo……”

“Excuse me ma,my day is already booked”I quipped,interrupting her…..I did not want any ‘bad luck’.Not this morning.

“Please,I’ve got some 5,000 here,could you send me your account number ?” 5k ?,this morning !.

To cut the long story short;she sent the money and I went from being too busy to do her work to being fast with the work.The single motivation I needed to do the work was MONEY !!

Man is born with insatiable wants. Permit me to accuse man of being born greedy. He wants to eat the best,wear the latest,drive the best and even take home the best *wink*. However,it is pertinent to remember that everything comes with a price tag. The best cars come with their price tag in millions,the best designer clothes are not left behind in being expensive. You wouldn’t want me to bug you with how much the latest I-phone amounts to. All of the aforementioned however share the same similarity in their price tag–MONEY!KUDI!OWO!EGO!

Since we need money to acquire the best,our problem now is the money; how to get it and how to keep it. The young ladies would tell you it is with their parents at home- let’s risk the backlash and say that most girls already have money reservoirs and ATMs that take care of them. The youngees on the other hand would tell you its their parents (again!).

On a substantial level,most young ones depend on their parents for financial support.Now,to be honest in our judgement,most parents cannot afford to feed well properly talk more of providing money for Givenchy. Some of us are guilty of creating ficticious fees and levies in order to extort money from our innocent parents(God forgive us).

What of our own siblings who block the road to rob people of their hard earned money. Yahoo boys nko ?

Lets not be harsh on the boys,what of the ashawo em,sorry,runs girls who give their bodies for money ?. The key sentence therein is How do you make your money ?
Getting money is sweet, affording to get all you want is stew. No matter how it is you get your money,it is not arguable that spending on ones self feels good.There is however an unprecedented level of satisfaction one gets from spending money that you earn yourself.There is this level of pride when you buy a car you worked hard for. Even the holy bible says”there is dignity in labour”

Man isn’t here to preach or lecture. Man is just here to tell you that you should stay determined, work hard and try to earn money legitimately. Spend it and you’ll see the difference between a bird and a chicken.

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