GOAM!! The gun sounded as the antelope fell.
Something about this antelope wasn’t right.
How come it didn’t flee or panic, even though it saw Ikechi ?
Except for its big size,everything else about it belonged to a baby antelope.

Its skin,so fresh and soft, together with the furs were surely not of an adult. Ikechi shrugged his shoulders “anyway….this is one hell of a meat”he muttered as he carried the heavy mammal home.

“Mama!!mama!!” Ikechi shouted excitedly as he got home. There was no response. ‘Poor woman,she must have gone to hunt for snails’. Having helped himself to the food in the kitchen,  Ikechi went off to slumber.
A nightmare woke Ikechi up. He was fighting against masqurades and was badly injured. “My ancestors, I’m in your hands ooo”.

Ikechi went straight to his mother’s room,she wasn’t there.Poor widow, maybe she’s out to fetch firewood.
Ikechi went to the kitchen only to find out that the sack which he’d used to put the antelope lay on the floor ‘untouched’.

Could it be …..? No!! It can’t be. Crazy thoughts were running in his mind. Ikechi untied the sack. What he saw made him shout CHINEKEME!! and fall in terror. There was no antelope in the sack….it was mother!

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