Believe me.


Often less than ever
We get to see each other;
Many times we fight
But I’m not the basis of our plight.

It all seems like a conspiracy
And honestly I feel it is;
But you refuse to see and believe
That the problem isn’t me.

You assume and presume
Then you jump to conclude;
Never have you asked
My part of the whole act.

Yet before I can explain,
You’re up and out for a trip again,
Catching yet another flight,
Leaving my heart in a painful blight.

When will you understand ?!
My tears forming dams.
Until then I’ll keep my stand,
While meditating on my favourite jams.

The music brings me little peace,
From the sorrow of our conflict;
But baby can’t you see?!
You’re killing me from within.

One day you’ll have to listen.
And till that day I won’t leave;
I’ll be firm and strong through this season,
Until we come to peace and you believe me.

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  1. Beautiful, as usual. I feel like there’s so much meaning behind it that my barely awoken mind can comprehend, but you definitely have a way with words. Well done. 😙❤

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